Thursday, February 7, 2008

"27 Dresses" - What fun!

27 Dresses!

I splurged this last weekend and did something that is a real rarity for me - I went to the movies! My sister-in-law, Sarah, joined me for the chick flick "27 Dresses" and we both really enjoyed it. One of my reasons for wanting to see it is the lovely Katherine Heigl. I love her, but let me clarify, I don't watch Grey's Anatomy and I didn't see her last movie, the raunchy looking "Knocked Up". I remember Katharine as Isabel from my all time favorite tv show "Roswell", boy did I cry when that show went off the air (my poor husband and what he has to put up with - of course chances are high that I was pregnant when it went off the air and I am always more emotional when I'm pregnant - just ask Matt :-)

So "27 Dresses" is about Jane who has a closet full of bridesmaid dresses because she is a true romantic that really wants to make every bride's special day - perfect. In her heart of hearts she is in love with her boss (she's his personal assistant) and does everything for him. Then one day her perfect, sexy, younger sister comes back to town and in one fell swoop - gets her boss to fall in love with her. Now Jane is stuck planning her sister's wedding to the man she loves. Introduce the popular newspaper writer who does an article about Jane and her eternal bridesmaid status and the fact that her sister has basically changed who she is so the boss will love her and you end up with a funny, charming, sad and endearing story. I loved it and would actually consider buying this movie when it comes out (and that is saying a lot). One caution for those that monitor this kind of thing - there is one quick scene where Jane and the writer are making out in her car and then (though it is not shown) they wake up in the morning still in the car. Sadly, the movie could have easily done without that scene, but then it wouldn't have earned its PG-13 rating and nobody would have gone to see it (right...)

So if you need a fun girl's moment - go see 27 Dresses!

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Vader's Mom said...

I wanted to see this but haven't made it yet. I'm a big fan of James Marsden.