Sunday, April 3, 2011


Fast, safe, long-term weight loss with HCG drops! My 6 weeks of Maintenance is over and I am starting my next round. That means 2 days of loading. Fat loading. Lots of fat loading. Oh goody. You might think that sounds great, eat all the fat you can manage in 2 days. But surprisingly, it is sickening. Especially since I have now gone 2 1/2 months without much fat at all, and then only healthy fats. So this is going to be a big challenge. I'm off to the store to get heavy cream and hot chocolate mix so I can have lots of really creamy hot chocolate. Also, bacon and sausage, cheesecake, prime rib, coconut, nuts and more... The whole time I am doing this I am also taking the Hcg drops. 10 drops 6x a day. People commonly don't take enough. I met a lady this weekend that was doing Hcg but was always hungry. Come to find out that she had been told to take 10 drops 3x a day - she only had 1/2 the drops in her system that she needed to be effective - she was starving herself! Today she placed an order from the site that I use ( so she can get an effective product with excellent customer support. I am convinced that the customer support that I receive from this company is worth every penny (automatically included with any order!). The reason the drops are so important is that while you are loading and taking the drops, you are telling your body that you eat 150-200 grams of fat a day. On the 3rd day you keep taking the drops but you drop down to 500 calories a day. Thanks to the drops your body still thinks you need to burn 150 grams of fat a day, but now you aren't taking any fat in, so your body goes to your abnormal fat stores and starts burning. This is why you can function on 500 calories and not be hungry, your body isn't hungry. It is burning your stored fat. It's a scientific miracle! And after doing this for a set amount of time (minimum 21 cheat free days, up to 60) you come off the drops and go through a 6 weeks of maintenance. This allows your body a chance to recover and reset your hypothalamus. That jumpstarts your metabolism and low and behold, life as you know it will never be the same. For me personally, after having 7 children my metabolism had just shut down. It was basically non-existent. Now after 1 round of Hcg, it has reset and I feel like a new person. I figure that if you retain a stubborn 10 lbs after each pregnancy then I had 70 lbs to lose (exactly my goal). After the first round I dropped the 10 lbs from the last 4 pregnancies and now I have 3 more pregnancies to shed. I know it might not come off quite as fast this time, but it will come off and that is what matters. Fast, safe, long-term weight loss with HCG drops! I knew it was about time to start the 2nd round when I told my husband this week... "I was looking in the mirror and seeing all the weight I had lost, now I look in the mirror and see the weight that still needs to go. It's time to start round 2!" I wore a size 16 when I started on Jan. 10th and now as I type this I am sitting here in a pair of size 10's. I haven't quite discarded my 12's but in the next week or 2 they will be gone, never to return. I don't really have a size in mind as my finish point (initially I would've been thrilled with a 10, then I was hoping for an 8, but now I'm thinking that a size 6 is actually realistic... hmm...). It's not even about a weight. When you start at 199 then 160 is good, but 140 is better and 135 is kind of my ideal. At this stage in my life it is really about feeling good about myself and being healthy. For a long time I wasn't sure that was even possible anymore, but thanks to Hcg I realize that it is. And as a side bonus... my husband and kids are proud of me too.


Jolene said...

your mom and dad are proud of you too

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