Thursday, April 3, 2008

What is up with computers in Arizona?!?!?

I am here in Arizona right now and am having incredible difficulties downloading and posting the things I'm supposed to be posting... so I'll give you some teasers and then post in full when I get home this weekend -

Ryann Watters and the King's Sword by Eric Reinhold looks fantastic, I only got it a couple days before I left on this trip but the kids were enthralled by it and can't wait to read it!

The other book I need to get posted about is "When Zeffie Got A Clue" by Peggy Darty. I did get to read this one and absolutely loved it! It is book 3 in a series, but was easy to follow without having read the other 2, but now I can't wait to get and read those to delve further into the characters lives. I will write more about this one as well, because I would definitely recommend getting this fantastic cozy mystery!

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