Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is baby here yet???

I wrapped up my spring season last week for my dance studio. We had our recitals the week before that and then had Bring A Friend classes last week. Now I have no more classes til I do summer workshops in July and August. This would be great, except that I am now 3 days past my due date for this baby and am starting to go stir crazy. As soon as classes were over I went into heavy nesting - I mean HEAVY NESTING!!! Just ask my family, I was like a crazed woman for 6 solid days taking on all kinds of cleaning projects that have been long overdue - oh and organizing, my goodness did I get into organizing. I've not really been able to nest for a long time because I haven't lived in my own home when I was at my due date for the last 10 years. And I think its hard to nest at someone else's house :-) My list of projects included, but was not limited too...

  1. Laundry Room (week long project, but the floor is completely clean of dirty clothes now and all summer clothes have been brought out and all winter clothes have been put away and that is no small task for 7 people!)
  2. Girl's Bedroom cleaned
  3. Boy's Bedroom cleaned
  4. Hallway cleaned (just getting the floor clean is a challenge so yay!)
  5. Dining Room cleaned and homeschool items organized
  6. Computer Room cleaned
  7. Computer Room Closet organized!!!!
  8. Hall Closet organized!!!!
  9. Pantry organized
  10. Our Bedroom completely cleaned, organized and rearranged to make room for the bassinet (2 day project - but now it doesn't even look like the same room!)
My kids dug in and helped out (with lots of prodding and cajoling) but my husband really blew me away with everything he did to help - he must really take that saying "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" seriously because he bent over backwards moving furniture, hanging things on the walls we haven't had hung since we moved in about 4 years ago (plaster walls are a real pain to try and hang pictures and shelves on, so we just didn't do it).

Now I'm just playing the waiting game until the baby gets here in the outside world. Until then I'll just keep reading and posting and now trying to maintain a clean house!

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Susan Stitch said...

Wow! I should hire a very pregnant woman to organize my home! Now you know you will be able to relax in a clean, well-organized home as you get to know the newest member of your family! Praying for short, easy labor, healthy baby, and a life time of blessings!