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Eric and Leslie Ludy Special Feature & Giveaway!

Today I am doing a special feature on some of my all time favorite authors - Eric and Leslie Ludy. They focus a lot of their writing on mentoring young men and women in how to let God take control of your life and let Him lead and direct you in all areas, including your love life. I am highlighting one of my all time favorites, "When God Writes Your Love Story" and then 3 new books they have out including an amazing book on prayer.
Please take the time to read through the descriptions and reviews and then leave me a comment (with your email address) telling me which of these books would impact your life the most right now. From the comments I will pull a winner and giveaway another favorite, "When Dreams Come True" by Eric and Leslie. Enjoy, and then check out their books on and and add them to your keeper shelf at home, you won't regret it!

and the book:

When God Writes Your Love Story

Multnomah Books (June 2, 2009)


Eric and Leslie Ludy are the best-selling authors of more than a dozen books – known for tackling some of the toughest issues of our day. The Ludy’s unique “insider perspective” on the sexual and spiritual climate of contemporary culture has given them a powerful platform with audiences around the world. Eric and Leslie Ludy live with their children in Windsor, Colorado and can be found blogging and podcasting at

Visit the author's website.

Product Details:

List Price: $13.99
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Multnomah Books (June 2, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1601421656
ISBN-13: 978-1601421654


Part One

The Author

of Romance

Giving God the Pen


The Babes and

the Big Egos

The day I made my choice


All the Kens and Barbies sat around the table.1 Amid glistening smiles and Coppertone tans, the fragrance of Polo with a hint of Skin So Soft (yes, this was the good old nineties!) wafted through the café booth. I nibbled at my burrito as the conversation around me finally arrived at its ultimate destination.

“So, Kevin,” Barbie no. 1 flirted across the table, “Tell us who you’re seeing now.”

Kevin, the son of a state senator, was used to having eyes upon him. Being a Tom Cruise look-alike has a way of boosting the ego. As he crunched a chip between perfect teeth, an “I thought you’d never ask” smirk found its way across his face.

As all of us camp counselors leaned in, eyes bulging with expectancy, Kevin finally revealed the secret in a low monotone: “Her name is…Sandra!”

This only added to the excitement and wonder, because no one had any idea who Sandra was.

“Is she a babe?” crooned the resident Brad Pitt, alias Mike from Wyoming.

Say no more! Swift as the bionic man, Kevin whipped out his wallet. Moments later we all observed a photograph of the “hottest girl on the planet,” as Kevin so proudly referred to her.

“Niiice!” Came the rumble of approval from Brad Pitt and Matt Damon (Wayne from Denver).

“I think she has a huge nose!” grumbled one of the girls under her breath.

I continued to pick at my burrito.

Barbie no. 2, sitting beside Top Gun, was next in the heartthrob inquisition. She displayed a photo of her boyfriend to cheers of “You go, girl!” from the Barbies and disapproving rumbles about his skinny neck from the Kens, Brads, Matts, and Toms.

After a week of having to exhibit saint like behavior to all the little campers and being super spiritual while around the camp leaders, it was time to let our hair down—time to let the real passions of life come out. I mean, in your late teens and early twenties, you can sing only so many spiritual camp songs before you need an infusion of good old-fashioned romance.

One year earlier, talks like this had really lit my fire. I used to love to brag about my love life at camp and exaggerate about my “sexy new girlfriend” in a way that would make all the guys jealous and all the girls insecure. You could say just about anything and get away with it; no one was going home with you to check out your story.

I used to crave these love life chats, but something about Eric Ludy had changed—something big. Something that made me want to slide under the table when all those inquisitive eyes turned my way.

I’ll never forget the moment. There I was, my fork poking at the jalapeño stranded on the corner of my plate and my mind screaming over and over, Please don’t ask me…please don’t ask me.

They asked.

“So, Eric, tell us about your exciting love life!”

All the periwinkle, emerald, and dark brown eyes were twinkling at me with expectation. I gulped.

“Uh,” I mumbled. My palms were sweaty. My tongue was dry and thick, like I had a felt eraser in my mouth. Finally, I found my voice. “Uh, I uh, actually, uh, I am waiting on God.”

But to be honest, it didn’t really come out as clearly as I just wrote it. The last part of my sentence was mumbled under my breath, sounding something like, “Ima waying on Gaw.”

I hoped a brief answer would encourage them to move on to Elle Macpherson (a.k.a. Kayla from Utah) seated next to me, poised and ready with a photo of her hunk. The plan backfired. They became even more interested.

“Uh, I think we missed that, Ludy, ”Tom Cruise sarcastically challenged. “Was that a girl’s name or some kind of Chinese food?”

After the laughs subsided, I began again, this time a little more clearly.

“I know this may sound strange, you guys, but I’ve decided that I won’t give my heart to another girl until God shows me it’s my wife.”

I have often wished I could have been more eloquent, that I could have made my resolve sound a little more appealing to my audience, now staring at me with mouths ajar. But I guess God wanted me to know that I was following a different path, that I was not to seek the approval of the Kens and Barbies of this world but simply to honor and love Him.

It was a lonely moment. Silence filled our corner of the restaurant, and all eyes focused on the jalapeño I was ruthlessly stabbing to death.

“That’s…interesting!” Barbie no. 1 awkwardly noted, her eyes large with disbelief.

Wayne from Denver was not quite as subtle in his disapproval. “Oh, give me a break!” he exploded in disgust. “How in the world do you expect to find someone, Ludy, if you’re not out there looking? ”His words incited a chorus of yeahs and exactlys from around the booth.

After a moment of reflective silence, I took a deep breath and stated, “I believe that if God wants me to be married”—another deep breath—“He will pick her out for me.”

A dark cloud settled over the entire group and rained down bewilderment in the form of pursed lips and rolled eyes. I glanced up from my tortured jalapeño to discover a long bony index finger pointing at me, about twelve inches from my nose. Kevin used that finger like Clint Eastwood used a gun. He didn’t shoot to maim—he shot to kill. His bronzed face had turned red with annoyance, and his lips were quivering with indignation, like a lava pool ready to explode. After three long seconds, he finally erupted.

“I totally disagree with you!” he fumed, his index finger still targeting my right nostril. “God doesn’t want us hanging around nagging Him about something like that!”

A few “amens” from the crowd textured his passionate sermon. He continued. “I believe God wants us to pick,” he preached, “and then He blesses our choice!” He paused and then came to a climactic finish: “It’s sappy Christianity like yours that gives us Christians the image of helpless orphans! It is absolutely ridiculous to think that God would care that much about your love life!”

The finger held fast for another few long seconds, then slowly dropped as if to say, You show any sign of life, and I’ll shoot again!

I was the ultimate bummer to their titillating conversation. If ever you want to drain the juice right out of romance, just bring God into the picture. I had committed the unpardonable camp counselor sin, and all the eyes around the table were letting me know it.

Growing up, I had always gotten along with everybody. I knew how to be liked by the crowd and not offend anyone. I was careful to say the right thing in order to avoid disagreements. Eric Ludy had never been known for his backbone…well, except maybe in championing the Denver Broncos. But when it came to things that really mattered, I was just plain spineless. This was one of the first times in my life I can remember actually standing up for something I believed in (that wasn’t orange and blue).

Ironically, I didn’t even know exactly what I was talking about. Just twelve months before, I, too, would have “totally disagreed” with what I had just said. But over the past year, God had been challenging me to apply my Christianity to every area of my life. Was it ridiculous to think God would be interested enough in my love life to direct me to the girl He wanted me to spend my life with?

I shifted in my seat, stabbed my jalapeño one last time, and spoke. “All I know,” I said, “is that every time I’ve tried to find someone myself, I realize in the long run that I have horrible taste.”

All eyes were wide with amazement as I concluded, “Kevin, if God had ten women line up in front of me and said, ‘Eric, you pick,’ I would fall flat on my face before Him and say, ‘God, You know me better than I know myself…You pick! ’ ”

I’ll bet no one present other than myself remembers that scene. To them it was probably just the ramblings of a lunatic named Ludy. But for me it was a defining moment. It was almost as if God was saying, “How seriously are you going to trust Me, Eric?”

So there it was, in front of the babes and the big egos, that God challenged me to officially trust Him with the pen of my life. I had held onto that pen for twenty years, and now, over a chicken burrito and a mangled jalapeño, I handed it over to the great Author to allow Him to work His wonders.

I’ve never regretted it for a moment.

Do you hunger for more than a "bless this food" prayer life? The Ludys offer a feast of practical insights that will fuel your intercessions! Encouraging you to expect God's supernatural intervention, they'll help you close the gap between you and God, turn away from feelings of defeat, and focus on setting people free. 256 pages, softcover from Harvest.

Absolutely amazing book that will revolutionize your prayer life. I love how they take prayer from being "girly-girly" like "Oh God, please bless my family, and my day and bring peace to the earth." And they make it knock down, drag out, roll in the mud, wrestling prayer that will rattle the spiritual world and bring about change.

A departure from the books I've read by them on relationships and love and giving God control of your life. But something every Christian should be reading.

In Sacred Singleness bestselling author Leslie shares firsthand stories and testimonials of modern-day single women who may sometimes struggle with loneliness and personal desires but who, in following God's plan for them, have discovered a deeper delight, purpose and true joy in their lives. Sacred Singleness gives every single woman the inspiration to live counter to the culture and find amazing opportunity in this sacred season.

This is the kind of book that the Christian world needs right now. I see so many young ladies that put their lives on hold until they can get married. It makes me sad. Then I see some young ladies that inspire me.

I have a cousin in her early 20's, beautiful, bright, energetic and the only cousin in our family that isn't married. So does she pout about it? Throw herself at different guys until she can get one to propose? Goodness, no! She has devoted this stage of her life to the mission field. Something that she won't be able to do when she is married and has kids. She has been to amazing places (Morocco, Thailand, Himalayas, Sudan, etc...) and done amazing things with YWAM. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her and she is treating her singleness sacredly and turning it over to God.

I know another young lady who is likewise single and not rushing it. She d
ecided to take her college classes online this year so that she can move across the state over Labor Day to live with some relatives that had triplets 10 weeks ago. She is making their family her ministry and will take care of their 2 year old, help with the triplets and the housework and cooking all while doing her college classes online. She knows there will be a time when she can't just pick up and move and put her own life on hold for other people. But she can now because she is single and loving it.

I asked a single young lady who is a dear friend of mine to read this book and give me her opinion. She said, "It's awesome! It also gave me some great comebacks to all the people that always ask me why I'm not married yet."
Leslie writes an amazing book that will strengthen and encourage those that are currently single but don't wish to remain that way. Use the time you have now, treat it sacredly and God will do all in His time.

Do your teens have questions about guys? This girls-only guide will help them understand God's plan for men, learn how to treat the opposite sex, and more! Using her mentoring experience and her own love story, Ludy challenges young women to live a Christ-consumed life that's irresistible to godly men.

What I love about this book is that it is honest and upfront, you can give it to your teenage daughter or you can go through it with them (as I plan to do). I love the way the point she is trying to make is that, who are you trying to impress? The kind of Godly man that you will actually want to marry will be more impressed by your passionate relationship with God than he will be by a short skirt. Just the kind of thing I want my daughters knowing!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading and studying about prayer for some time now so Wrestling Prayer would definitely impact my life the most right now.
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Wrestling Prayer would be wonderful for me. i am so looking to go deeper.

Winning Readings said...

Wrestling Prayer here, too. I love the idea of taking prayer to this level...

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

kalea_kane said...

I have been really trying to strengthen my prayer life and I think Wrestling Prayer sounds like an incredible guide! What a wonderful team!


Anonymous said...

I love these guys!

Out of these three books i would be glad to have Answering the guy questions or Scared singleness. But if i have to choose just one Answering the guy questions would be it!
thanks for the giveaway!

rebornbutterfly (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

AmandaSue said...

Sacred Singleness would impact my life the most because I am fairly young and single and have a hard time dealing with singleness and being alone, and sometimes I have a difficult time excepting that God wants me to be single right now and focus on other areas of my life. Thank you for entering me into this giveaway.

Christine said...

I was torn between When God Writes Your Love Story and Sacred Singleness. Both books seem to be what I need to hear. I have always stuggled with being single and waiting for God plans. I have been apart of YWAM, I am at home now and just am realizing how much I can do with my life that I would be able to later in life. That my life can be fulfilling, that what I do matters even if I am not married. But I think the book that would impact me the most or that would help with my current situation would be When God Writes Your Love Story.

Lora Lease said...

Answering the Guy Questions, or Wrestling Prayer sound like books I, and my family, could benefit from.

Linda said...

It's a toss between Wresting Prayer and When God Writes Your Love Story. I could each of these in a different way. So if I win, you can pick. Please enter me. Thanks.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Mandy said...

God has been challenging me about my prayer life lately, so Wrestling Prayer would be my choice.

adge said...

I've been to the Ludy's website and have wanted When God Writes Your Love Story for a long time. I remember watching their wedding video months ago. They're an amazing example. And honestly I didn't know they had so many other books. They all look great. Please enter me for the contest. Thanks.


Winning Readings said...

Not an entry; just a note that we've posted about this at Winning Readings:

Abi said...

All the books look good.

I have two teenage girls so I think my first choice would be Answering the Guy Questions.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Gin said...

I think wrestling prayer or when God writes your love story would
be good for our family.

Emma Shalom said...

"Wrestling Prayer" would be my choice, for the circumstances in which I find myself in this period of my life.

Emma Shalom

Debbie F said...

Wrestling Prayer would be the book for me! So want to go to the next level.
dcf_beth at verizon dot net

Laura said...

I have read several books by the Ludy's am reading "When God Writes your LIFE Story" right now and loving it, as I have each of their books. I could totally apply Wrestling Prayer, as I am wanting to go deeper! Also I'm sure I would love Sacred Singleness, even though I'm older (42!). It's good to be reminded how to keep my focus on living a surrendered life to God, not just looking to have my own desires fulfilled!
Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Jolene said...

Wrestling Prayer sounds so good Enter me in the drawing


Lindsay said...

I'd love to read 'When God writes your love story' - I love how descriptive the writing is!!! I've never read anything by the Ludy's but I am very inspired after reading these first chapters!

frugalfab at gmail dot com

JenniferB said...

I think the wrestling prayer would be great to read. I am going through a tough time right now and could definitely use prayer

ejxd95 at gmail dot com

Carolynn W. said...

I would love to read When God Writes Your Love Story.
Most of my friends have married and I sometimes feel left out...but I know it's important to wait for the one that God has in store for me and trust Him completely with that part of my life. So I would love to read this book and share it with my sisters also.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I have loved everything I have read or seen of the Ludys... but I haven't read any of these books! :-) Right now I am in my own season of sacred singleness and letting the Lord lead me during this time of waiting. I have a lot of support in this area, though, so I think the book that would impact me the most would be "Wrestling Prayer".

Thank you!

Diana D said...

These authors are new to me too. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

Aik said...

I'd love to read Answering the Guy Questions!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

hippmom said...

I could read them all! But I think "Answering the Guy Questions" would be a good one for me to read to prepare for the next few years.

Thanks, Janna.

Janna said...

And the winner is...



rachel said...

The Ludys have some great advice for relationships but their theology is built on semi-pelagianism and glory theology. Please be careful. There IS NO TEACHER OR TEACHING that can help "close the gap between you and God." If you are a Christian there IS no gap. The Ludy's teach that if you do not "clean up your inner sanctuary" you can't have an intimate relationship with Christ. That is making sanctification and our relationship with Christ dependent on us - completely contrary to what the BIble teaches.

Please, please do not read their books without a very critical, searching mind.

Janna said...

@ rachel -

I don't believe you should ever read a book without a critical, searching mind. I would never single out one author that should be read that way. Don't let anyone think for you - period. I think you are being pretty judgemental in your assessment but to each his own.

Also, you are incorrect. For many Christians there is a self-imposed gap between us and God. Christ filled that gap on the cross but we have a tendency to continually push Him away recreating that gap.

rachel said...

I agree, you should never read anything without critical thinking! I single out the books of the Ludys because they are full of inaccuracies about law, gospel, sanctification and justification.

The gap between men and God is a subjective gap, one that only exists in the way we feel things are. To God, it doesn't exist. It isn't there in objective reality.

I have posted a critique of their theology at or you can find it by googling ludy critique.