Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Stars Collide" Book Review

Kat Jennings and Scott Murphy don't just play two people who are secretly in love on a television sitcom - they are actually head over heels for each other in real life. When the lines between reality and TV land blur, they hope they can keep their relationship under wraps. But when Kat's grandmother, an eccentric star from Hollywood's golden age, mistakes their on-screen wedding proposal for the real deal, things begin to spiral out of control. Will their secret be front-page news in the tabloids? And can their budding romance survive the onslaught of paprazzi, wedding preparations, and misinformed family members?
From the soundstage to a Beverly Hills mansion to the gleaming Pacific Ocean, STARS COLLIDE takes you on a roller-coaster tour of Hollywood, packing both comedic punch and tender emotion.
I have enjoyed many of Janice's books, especially her Weddings by Bella series, and this book is quite enjoyable as well. I liked the setting, behind the scenes of a TV show and all the quirky cast and writers and the amazing secondary players that Janice is fantastic at putting in her books. I loved the cameo by Brock Benson (who I'm just sure was in one of her Weddings by Bella books!) and Lenora Worth as grandma who was a Hollywood starlet way back when and seems to be stuck there now. There is lots of mayhem and mischeif as grandma misunderstands and thinks that Kat and Scott are getting married in real life, not their characters Scott and Angie. My only misgiving was that we come into the story almost too soon. I had a hard time understanding Kat's emotional concerns because I didn't get to experience her and Scott not being a couple, they were having their first kiss... so I lacked something there. Beyond that this book is a delight.

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Janice said...

Thank you so much for the review and for helping get the word out about my book. Blessings!