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"His Steadfast Love" Book Review

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His Steadfast Love
Thomas Nelson (November 1, 2011)
Golden Keyes Parsons

One of my favorite series ever is written by Golden Keyes Parsons and is about the Hugenots. Such an amazing series - I couldn't wait to see where Golden would go next! So "His Steadfast Love" comes out and it switches over to America during the Civil War. I loved the reference inserted at one point where one of the characters refers to his Hugenot family that came over to America - funny how that little nod to the previous series made me so happy.
In this book we have the struggle of a young lady in Texas caught between her family in the South and a soldier from the North that she meets before they get involved with the war. Will she choose love or loyalty to her family? And of course, he is actually stuck between love and loyalty to his family in the North. Nothing really new in the concept of North vs South with love stuck in the middle, but Golden brings a whole fresh take on it. I loved this book. Her writing is genius and her characters are so genuine. I can't wait to dig into the next book in this series!


Golden Keyes Parsons writes historical fiction for Thomas Nelson Publishing, and is also a popular retreat/conference speaker. Her highly acclaimed Darkness to Light Series chronicled the journey of her French Huguenot ancestors in 17th century France. Her newest novel, His Steadfast Love, a Civil War novel set in Texas, just released November 2011. Golden lives in Waco, TX, with her husband, Blaine, where they enjoy their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and are avid sports fan of their alma mater, Baylor University.


It isn't until the Civil War comes to her doorstep that Amanda Bell must choose between love and family.

It's the spring of 1861 on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Amanda never thought she would marry because of a promise she made to her dying mother, but her attraction to Captain Kent Littlefield is undeniable.

When Texas secedes from the Union, her brother Daniel aligns with the Confederate States, while Kent remains with the Union troops.

Her heart is torn between the two men she is closest to and the two sides of the conflict. Amanda prays to God for direction and support, but hears only silence. Where is God in the atrocities of war-and whose side is He on?

Amanda senses her life is at a turning point. She must trust God to deliver her family through the chaos of war with her heart and her faith intact.

If you would like to read the first chapter of His Steadfast Love, go HERE.

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