Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Injustice For All" Book Review



Robin Carroll

When the "good guys" turn out to be "bad guys," who can you trust? In this fast-paced mystery, FBI consulting psychologist Remington Wyatt witnesses the murder of her godfather---a federal judge---and recognizes the killers. She knows it's only a matter of time before they come to silence her. But how long can she hide?

A federal judge lies bleeding on his office floor, betrayed by a most unlikely source—people who helped him bring criminals to justice. Now, why would someone working for the FBI need to disappear after witnessing this crime? When Remington Wyatt sees her godfather’s murder, she recognizes the killers and knows it’s only a matter of time before they come to silence her. She must do the only thing possible to stay alive . . . run. FBI agent Rafe Baxter is serious about his career, and solving a cold case involving a federal judge’s death puts him in line for the promotion he so desires. But the case leads him to the small town of Hopewell, Louisiana, where some secrets seem inextricably hidden deep within the bayou. Injustice for All explores what happens when everything a person believes in is utterly destroyed. Who can you trust?


What happens when you witness a murder and you can't go to the authorities because the authorities are the ones that committed the murder? Remington is about to find out. She uses her expertise as an FBI psychologist to cover her trail when she runs from the law.

I love the way this story runs in two separate sections until the story catches up to itself. And when it does it doesn't slow down for a second! It's difficult to explain how amazing this story is without giving away anything important. So I want to be careful, but I still want to explain how awesome this story is and how excited I am that it is the first in a new series. And while I look forward to the next book as I believe it will be an edge of your seat type of series!

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