Sunday, September 30, 2007

Book-Aholic's Anonymous

It is official - I am addicted to books, all kinds of books -
  • children's books
  • young adult books (the advantage of having my 5 kids is I have a "reason" for reading all of those books :-)
  • fiction books
  • non-fiction books
  • parenting books
  • homeschooling books
  • educational books
  • books for fun (fluff books)
  • Christian fiction books
  • Christian non-fiction books
  • Christian books for improving your relationship with God (books by Benny Hinn, Bill Johnson, Joyce Meyers, etc...)
  • books because I like that particular author!

That is just a sampling of the kind of books that keep me wrapped up. The only good thing about having an addiction is that if you are really, really good at that addiction then you can share your knowledge and help others in their addictions as well. Growing up I always took pride in the fact that I didn't have any vices, I didn't drink, do drugs, listen to Rock 'n Roll or drink coffee, I didn't even have pierced ears let alone other holes in my head, belly button or elsewhere, and the only ink I had was in the pens I wrote with, not on my body. So now that I have finally awakened to the fact that I do have a vice in my life I am ready to admit to the world - "I am addicted to books!" Since I have only one vice in my life, I do think that I am somewhat of an expert in my area. I started reading at age 3 and haven't stopped since, how many people do you know that have developed their expertise over almost 30 years? Anyway, I will be sharing my expertise in this area to help you find authors that maybe you weren't aware were out there or that you had overlooked. Let me know if you have some favorites out there that others might not know about. I figure the one way to strengthen myself in the middle of my weakness is to help others :-) So join me as I share my bits of wisdom regarding books and other interests in my life - children, homeschooling, God, dance and anything else God puts on my heart!

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