Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Murder By Mushroom" by Virginia Smith

"Murder By Mushroom" by Virginia Smith, published by Love Inspired Suspense was an incredibly fun read. Here's the blip -

A Killer Casserole

Serving up murderous munchies at a church potluck social wouldn't win any popularity contests, as Jackie Hoffner discovered. Someone had laced the casserole she brought with poisonous mushrooms...and the deadly dish had fellow churchgoer and town fussbudget Alice Farmer pushing up daisies. Now the gossip-hungry townsfolk suspected Jackie of foul play. To prove her innocence, she decided to conduct her own investigation, and Trooper Dennis Walsh's helpful efforts and boy-next-door charm were welcome. Meanwhile, the town's mysterious poisoner seemed to have more victim's in mind...

This is what I considered a fluff book (a quick, fun, light book with not a lot of depth but still satisfying somehow), until I read it. It turned out to not only be very fun and highly enjoyable book that kept me guessing til close to the end (although I did figure it out before it was revealed :-) but it also had a lot of meat to it and really hit home in some areas too. It dealt bluntly with the issue of church gossip and how it can really hurt when people assume and rush to judgement, but without being preachy. The heroine is NOT perfect, but is willing to ask forgiveness when she messes up. I finished the book with a smile and a resolve to think a little more before I judge and to be a little quicker to ask for forgiveness when I mess up. What more can you ask from a quick read - enjoyment, suspense, romance, comedy and some real meat in the middle. Pick it up and give it a read!


Cara Putman said...

I loved this book, too. I started it thinking it would be a quick, light read. And was pleasantly surprised at some of the depth in it. Great fun!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

This was a fun book. And you're doing a great job with the reviews. =) Keep up the good work.