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"Betrayed" Book Review and Giveaway!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Betrayed by Jeanette Windle

This week, the

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Tyndale House Publishers (February 6, 2008)


Jeanette Windle


As the child of missionary parents, award-winning author and journalist Jeanette Windle grew up in the rural villages, jungles, and mountains of Colombia, now guerrilla hot zones. Her detailed research and writing is so realistic that it has prompted government agencies to question her to determine if she has received classified information. Currently based in Lancaster, PA, Jeanette has lived in six countries and traveled in more than twenty. She has more than a dozen books in print, including political/suspense best-seller CrossFire and the Parker Twins series.


Fires smolder endlessly below the dangerous surface of Guatemala City’s municipal dump.

Deadlier fires seethe beneath the tenuous calm of a nation recovering from brutal civil war. Anthropologist Vicki Andrews is researching Guatemala’s “garbage people” when she stumbles across a human body. Curiosity turns to horror as she uncovers no stranger, but an American environmentalist—Vicki’s only sister, Holly.

With authorities dismissing the death as another street crime, Vicki begins tracing Holly’s last steps, a pilgrimage leading from slum squalor to the breathtaking and endangered cloud forests of the Sierra de las Minas Biosphere. But every unraveled thread raises more questions. What betrayal connects Holly’s murder, the recent massacre of a Mayan village, and the long-ago deaths of Vicki’s own parents?

Nor is Vicki the only one demanding answers. Before her search reaches its startling end, the conflagration has spilled across international borders to threaten an American administration and the current war on terror. With no one turning out to be who they’d seemed, who can Vicki trust and who should she fear?

A politically relevant tale of international intrigue and God’s redemptive beauty and hope.

The book link is: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1414314744/

My Review:
This book was really interesting - it has mystery and intrigue in a foreign country, hints of romance - beautiful settings, some fascinating twists and turns in the plot and overall was very enjoyable. I loved the way that Jeanette really drew me into a place that she is so familiar with and despite political issues - she almost made me want to go visit there (almost, but not quite :-) Vicki is an interesting heroine - trying to find her place in the world, wanting to help people, but not realizing soon enough that her sister may need her help the most.

I am giving away a copy of Betrayed so leave a comment with a way to reach you and tell me where is the most interesting place that you have ever been... I'll start - I went to Germany when I was 16 (had my 16th birthday there actually) for a missions trip and it was an unforgettable time - even spent a few days in Amsterdam, red light district and everything!


Karin said...

Was impressed with the Japanese Gardens I saw when I was about 14 and up in Canada. Haven't done much traveling in my life though.

windycindy said...

Hello! I toured five countries in Europe and I think Switzerland was the most interesting. In Bern, I remember the bear in the city because it means Bear. I also loved the antiquity of everything in Europe. So much is so old and I loved it. I may have to say that Marie Antoinette's Palace of Versailles was the most interesting and when you looked at to the back, the gardens were awe striking. Thanks,Cindi

Donna Moore said...

Well since I rarely travel I visit most places through the pages of a book. The most interesting place i have really been would be Niagra Falls Canada quite a distance for a small town Texas girl.

runninmama at sbcglobal dot net

anne said...

I love to travel and had the first ever chance to travel internationally 3 years ago. Italy was the destination which I fellin love with. Florence, the art, culture, history and beauty touched my heart and soul.

Carla said...

I spent a month in Sweden right after HS, veiwed the sites between Visby and Stockholm.
~Carla (pioneerheart from PBS)

ellie said...

I spent Junior year in Spain. Loved it so much that I lived there for two years after I graduated. The livestyle and the food was incredible.


ruth said...

I enjoyed my trip to Southern France. The beauty, historical sights and the wonderful countryside was delightful and made a deep impression upon me.


Katie said...

I've been to the caribbean, it's beautiful there!


Lora Lease said...

Hmmmmm... the most interesting place I've ever been would probably be the Grand Canyon. I was also 16, and living in Mesa, Arizona. We took a family day trip to the Grand Canyon, and it was one of THE MOST beautiful places I've ever been (okay, my Colorado mountains are tied). It was unreal looking... so perfectly formed and colored, as if it was a painting. The shading/colors were breathtaking, the majesty of the place was awe-inspiring. The thought that our Creator molded it together in His hands was absolutely amazing.

Please enter me in the drawing. :)

jenna said...

When I visited The Canadian Rockies they were majestic and unique. It felt so wonderful to witness this feeling and sight. The setting and beauty was unforgettable and amazing. The trip will be forever indelibly etched upon my memory.

Carole said...

I don't get to travel very often, but my most interesting place is Cape Cod. My daughter spent a summer working at a motel in Chatham, and we spent some great time together there. Lighthouses, band concerts, ferry rides to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard - wonderful summer!

Thanks for the opportunity to win this interesting book.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

stampedwithgrace said...

I love this cover :)
I went to black sands beach in Hawaii and what I thought was so neat is the baby crabs that are usually the color of sand were still the color of sand: black! God is so creative !!

Carolynn W. said...

I don't travel much, so the most interesting place I've been would be Niagra Falls in Ontario. Unbelievably beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I just returned for Africa...I would go again tomorrow if I could!!

lisa d

Cherie J said...

I spent my honeyomoon in St. Thomas and fell in love with island. Loved it so much that hubby and I had to go back there for our second honeymoon.