Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Nana's Bible Stories" Interview and Giveaway!

I am really excited about the book I am talking about and giving away today - it is called "Nana's Bible Stories" by Roberta Simpson and it is an absolutely precious book that would make a great addition to anyone's personal library if you have children or grandchildren. My daughter Paige curled up in bed with me as we read the first couple stories and she just loved it - the way it was written and the adorable illustrations. Let's meet Roberta and find out a little about how she came to write this beautiful book...

It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to share some of my personal thoughts and experiences as a new author with you, Janna, and the Cornhusker Academy ladies! I am so blessed to see the work you are doing to help and encourage each other!

There are so many gifts lying dormant in the lives of women—just waiting to be discovered or understood. I pray not only that my book, Nana’s Bible Stories will be encouraging to the children in your life—but, also that my personal story will be of encouragement to many of you as you pursue your calling.

1) The seven stories featured in Nana’s Bible Stories are biblically correct – but, you have a unique style of storytelling. You have created stories within stories. Would you please explain why you used this style?

When reading the Bible, I tend to stop and meditate on what I have read, and often, especially looking at characters in the Bible, I wonder how they felt, where they lived, etc. My heart always went out to the leper who Jesus healed. For instance, did he have a family? His heart must have been broken at having to leave home. I believe other people—including children—might wonder the same things…so I thought it would be interesting to develop stories around the stories.

I do a lot of research and I insist on maintaining the actual story from the Bible. I do not remove the tiniest meaning from the Word!

I had a wonderful time writing “A Father’s Miracle.” Here is a little boy, who I invented, who just loved his Abba – Daddy. His dad gets sick and has to move away from his home, and all he loves. I wanted kids to be able to identify with this child. It could have been them, and many kids face this sad experience – maybe not leprosy, but sickness and death!

I believe kids will be encouraged and inspired, like the little boy, and pray for loved ones who are sick, and have faith that they will be healed by Jesus, who is the same today as He was yesterday!

2) Your stories are told from the perspective of a child or an animal. Why is this beneficial to the child listening to the stories?

I believe that when a child listens or reads the stories about other children, they can identify with the child in the story. I hope that they will say to themselves – “I could have been that boy/girl!” I also believe that they will see how much Jesus loves children, and they were always uplifted and loved by Him in the stories.

I just love animals, and so do children. It is fun writing about them, and I know that God was pleased and loves all He created and He sure created a beautiful animal kingdom!

3) Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, wrote the foreword for Nana’s Bible Stories. Tell us how she became involved in your work.

My husband and I have been friends with Prince Andrew for many years and were invited to Fergie and Andrew’s wedding.

We met Sarah the evening before the wedding and soon after they came to Barbados for a short holiday. Even though we do not see each other often, we have remained friends through the years.

I was speaking to her one day, after I had started writing my book. I asked her about the illustrator she used for one of her books, as I loved the illustrations. She was very kind, and really enjoyed my stories. She told me that when I was ready to publish she would write a foreword for my book. I am very grateful for this, and appreciate very much her offering to do this for me.

4) The actress, Jane Seymour, and Christian artist, Sheila Walsh, each provided narration for your book. How did they become involved?

I do appreciate the relationships we make in our lives. God puts the right people into our lives in the right time! I loved Jane Seymour’s beautiful voice and a good friend sent the book to her. She liked the stories and agreed to do the narration because of our shared passion for children.

It was a similar story with Sheila Walsh. She also loved the book and agreed to do the narrations.

I loved meeting these two lovely ladies, and can hardly believe how wonderful they were to do what they did for me, and what a wonderful job they did!

5) What words of encouragement would you give to other women who have been stay at home Moms, but now have the time and want to use their gifts and talents to start a career or business? Is it ever too late?

Well, first of all, it is never too late. So I say to all you wonderful Moms, go girl go! I say God has placed wonderful gifts inside of you, which some of you may or may not be aware.

I did not know I had books inside of me! So I know God will take some of you by surprise. He will take you on a great adventure! Some of you know already what you want to do, and have obvious gifts that others can see.

Just give your life over to Him in a new way, and ask Him how to proceed in your new career. He will answer you!

Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my life and calling with you. If you would like to learn more about me or my book, please go to You may download one of my favorite stories, The Butterfly and the Cross—the story of the crucifixion as told through the gentle and tender eyes of a butterfly. I have also included a special devotional for the story which you may share with your children this Easter season. Cuddle up with a child and enjoy!

Roberta, thank you so much for sharing one of your books with us - and any readers that would like a chance to win a copy of this book please post a comment with a way to reach you and I will put your name in the drawing... btw, the copy I am giving away is the one with Sheila Walsh reading the stories - it is absolutely precious! Good luck and God bless!


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What a wonderful interview! There is nothing children love more than a good story! I would love to read these stories to my students and myself:)

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I went to her website and you can download a story and work sheet and listen to one of the stories
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