Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Calling all moms...

Okay dear readers, I need your help. I am now 10 days over my due date with this baby and see no end in sight... does anyone have any suggestions for reliable ways to make this womb a little less enticing to this baby so that we have a chance of seeing him / her make an appearance before the summer is over??? If so please leave me a comment with any and all suggestions you may have, but let me just say that I have had 4 doses of castor oil over a 3 day period this weekend and I still don't have a baby (and 1 dose was all it took with the last baby), so I have been there, done that and it wasn't very successful this time around. I have also already tried relaxing baths, a pedicure (both professional and my own at home), clary sage oil and a few evenings with my husband.

Come on, ladies, don't let me down - my depression is growing by the minute and everyone around me is starting to walk on pins and needles. Even the people my mom works with are anxious for me to hurry up and have this baby just so they don't have to be "on call" everytime my mom is at work in case I go into labor. Mom told me that and I just said, "Add them to the list."

I've known that my womb must be very welcoming and comforting, and no one can accuse me of having a "hostile womb", but this is ridiculous - I was really hoping to have a 7 1/2 - 8 lb baby this time around (my last 4 have all been 9-10 lbs) but the chances of that happening are slipping away each day!



bigguysmama said...

You must be desperate! I can't believe you had castor oil! I don't know if they're old wives tales, but this is a bit personal... your husband could help "stimulate" your milk coming in. I've heard that can cause contractions. I know it's "personal". I also heard there was a contaction inducing salad or something like that out there. Lots of walking. Um, you could try what got your pregnant. I know, I know, TMI, but I'm really trying to help. Do you have a riding lawn mower? Have you thought about induction? Are you dialating at all? Oh, Janna, I feel so terrible for you! I can't wait til that precious baby makes an appearance. Remember, the baby WON'T stay in forever. Also remember that this is that theses are the last few days you will be prenant with this baby. Blessings on the coming days,

Pamela J said...

My daughter in law said maybe it's time to have the doctor strip the membranes. It doesn't take long from there to go into labor usually. It is a natural labor that way instead of forced.

I didn't press it but never got that far past due date. I can tell you probably when you know it is going to happen is when you (without doing it on purpose)get real ambitious and do lots in a day and still feel good when it is time to go to bed, that is when you can expect it to come.

I feel for you, being this late. I's one thing for people to say I look like 2 months overdue, but to know you are this far past HAS to be hard! We will be watching for when he/she comes and best wishes.
God go/be with you and keep you in His loving arms.

Lora Lease said...

Oh, Janna!! I am lifting you up in prayer. So sorry you have had to wait so long to hold your little blessing in your arms.

I did the castor oil thing in the past, and it only helped with 1 out of the 2 I tried it with (was never brave enough to try it again after those 2 times... ICK!). As silly as it sounds, I went into labor with all FOUR of my youngest children from power walking at Walmart. grin Seriously, at that moment of desperation in wanting the baby to make its appearance, I would just take Katie with me, grab a cart, and we'd do many, many, many fast laps around Wally World (while also getting some last minute shopping done). The walking for some reason always helped labor begin.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

with 7 kids, I've had several overdue and one was 3 weeks late. since we had our babies at home, no inducing from the doctor. but when I was so late, I just really had to believe that the Lord knew when my baby's birthday was to be and why should I try to change His perfect timing. we have some wonder testimonies to share with each of our children now about their birth day :)
I will be praying PEACE for you!

Carla said...

Wow my daughter was a ten pounder and she was two weeks early! I try not to think about how big she may have been if she had gone to the due date or after.
I have no advice, but wish you the best.

Pioneerheart from PBS

Pamela J said...

I've wondered how it is going for you.