Monday, June 23, 2008

Sleeping through the night...

I have to say that it is easy to forget how precious an uninterrupted nights sleep is until you have a newborn again and 1 1/2 hours without interruption seems wonderful. Just as I was wondering if I would retain my sanity with such limited sleep, my milk came in and Quinn has been busy nursing to play catch up with his eating. Now remember that he was 9 lbs, 9 oz when he was born so he had a head start, but then babies always lose some weight until the milk comes in and they get to start filling up again. I am of the mind that you feed them as often as they need fed until they get caught up before you start worrying about a schedule. So I kind of feel like he has been nursing non-stop for 2 days now... until last night. He basically ate from midnight to one, but then he slept til 8:00 this morning! That makes 7 precious hours of sleep in a row!!! Oh precious, precious sleep! I feel so much better today and this is a good thing because it is my dear husbands birthday today (yes, he and Quinn have birthdays 6 days apart now) and hopefully I won't be a grump now :-)

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Ausjenny said...

im so glad your getting some sleep now and congrats on the birth of your little boy hes so sweet.
(congrats on winning a book at my blog also)there are more coming up in July.