Friday, November 28, 2008

"All The Fury Of The Wind" Book Review and Giveaway!

The Cornhuskers play the Colorado Buffaloes in a few hours so I wanted to get today's review and giveaway posted before the game starts - the author won't mind, he is a big Cornhusker fan as well and will be rooting for them too :-) So for today's giveaway, let me introduce you to...

"All The Fury Of The Wind"
by Donald James Parker

I previewed this book for Don and sent him an email with some of my thoughts. I thought I would share part of that email with you...

"First off, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have to admit that I didn't know what to expect when I first received it. It doesn't exactly have that "perfect / professional" look of some of the books out there and sadly I'm not sure I would have grabbed it off the shelf if I was browsing at a bookstore. The other thing would be that the back cover copy doesn't really set the book up very well as far as telling me what the book is really about story wise. But my complaints with the book definitely end there. I was blown away by your insights and wisdom on many spiritual matters. The first conversation to grab me and pull me in was the one that starts on page 45 between Paul and Lisa about the whole submission issue. Wow, how many marriages could be saved if submission was explained in churches as well as you did there. I even read the conversation out loud to my mom ( we were on our way back from a trip to Indiana) and she said, "Whoa, that is really good." That was only the beginning though. I read many pieces of the book to her as she was driving. I enjoyed the storyline even though I hadn't read any of the other books. Of course I loved the ties to Nebraska :-) And the underlying or overwhelming (however you look at it) story of fighting the evolutionary machine was great. The arguments and debates that you put forth were really good. I would definitely recommend this book for the spiritual principles and wisdom that you presented if for no other reason."

This book takes place for the most part in Lincoln, Nebraska - home of the Cornhuskers - so that endeared it to me right away. But it stands on its own two feet the whole way through. This is actually book #5 of the Masterson Family Series, but I hadn't read any of them and I was able to jump right into the storyline. We have the product description -

Maria Masterson and Jeremy Dillon are innocent kids whose world is altered drastically. Their decision to engage the culture they live in and battle for truth in the debate concerning the creation of the Universe and mankind leads them into conflicts in which their adversaries do not always fight by Queensberry rules. A reminder that Christians are to overcome evil with good halts them in their tracks in an attempt to fight back with similar methods. Their only weapon is the Sword of the Spirit of Truth. Their dexterity in the use of this weapon increases as the two are pulled into a battle that they can't win in their own power. This novel could serve as a primer on how to stand tall in a world that wants any person of faith in their Creator to lay low. This book presents intellectual and moral handholds and toeholds for those not afraid to do some spiritual rock climbing.

The plot is good, the characters are well done, but the shining jewel in this book is definitely the biblical insight and the cultural arguments that are peppered throughout.

If you would like to win a copy of this book then leave a comment (with your email address) telling me what you did for Thanksgiving this year - did you travel or host?


Lora Lease said...

I hosted Thanksgiving this year, for our 9 children, Craig, his parents, brother-in-law, and his girl "friend". It went pretty well, but I sure wish I could spend just one holiday with my family in Wisconsin! :)

Carol said...

My family has gotten pretty large so we had to split up. My daughter and her seven children went to her in-laws and my son and his wife went to her mothers. My sister had her married children and I had my mom, my uncle and his daughter. My son did make it for dessert. It's really ok because we all live in the same area and we see each other all the time. :)
Carol M
mittens0831 AT

Pamela J said...

We drove 150 miles one way to spend Thanksgiving with my folks. It was a quiet couple days and then already, time to leave. As we were leaving, they shared with us they have recently been having a hard time spending holidays alone so we were a real blessing to them.
Pam W
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

The Last of the Great 48! said...

We had dinner with my mother in her nursing home. We brought along our special tablecloth to have signed. Everyone signs it every year with the date. Some have left us and this year we added a new-to-be-daughter-in-law. It's interesting to ready back over the years what people have written and see what the grandkids drew!

Sarah said...

We hosted my mom and her good friend for Thanksgiving this year. We had a chicken instead of Turkey because it was such a small group of us.

Please enter me in the draw.

PS said...

my cousin i havent seen in 30 yrs came and she has lost her family to death and she is recovering from cancer... was a great time catching up and spending with family... invited her for Christmas and she was excited to come!

mary jo said...

Had Thanksgiving with my family on Wed. night, spent Thanksgiving day with some of my dad's family. Went shopping on Friday, and then drove 5 hours on Sat. to spend time with my husband's extended family. Came home on Sunday and crashed!


Gin said...

My husband had to work,so it was just us, since we have no family within four hours of North Platte.
We have organized a Thanksgiving Dinner at our church for the past few years where we serve people from the homeless shelter and those who go to the Salvation Army
and anyone who doesn't have a place to go for Thanksgiving.
We have a wonderful time serving
and visiting with all who come.

rebornbutterfly said...

i spent wed. night with my Grandmother and cooked with her on thursday and then spent the night thursday to sleep off the turkey :)
I'd love to win this book!

Jo said...

Our family except for one son and his wife live in FL. We were invited for dinner to the home of our small groups leader. We had a wonderful time over there with their family. I would love to win this book.


Sarah/Robert said...

Robert and I spent Christmas in Colorado with our daughter #1, and except for my making one of the dressings, our hosts cooked everything! Skillet cranberries... like candy! Turkey... perfection.
Pies.... sweet and satisfying. Time with family.... priceless!
I'd love to win a copy of Donald Parker's book. Please enter me in the drawing!

hippmom said...

I cooked for family and delivered meals to to a few people who did not recieve meal on wheels that day. It was a nice diversion as my kids were with thier dad.

You make this book look too good!
Thanks for entering my name.

Anonymous said...

Just my hubby and I dined at a homestyle restaurant in Dayton, Wyoming at the foot of the craggy Big Horns. An elderly lady makes soooooo many salads that are all favs from years ago and then the turkey, beef, chicken, ham were all wonderful.(so hubby says as I only ate turkey...I love turkey) It was very relaxing and that was nice as I have a severe cold and a herniated disc in my back. It was a beautiful day and our darling shih tzu puppy was able to run all about in their darling park.

Gayla Collins

Ann Shorey said...

My husband, daughter, and I took Amtrak from our home in western Oregon to my brother's in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. We had a great family Thanksgiving in their cozy 100-year-old home.

I'd love to win a copy of Donald Parker's book.

annshorey at msn dot com

Janna said...

And the winner is...