Saturday, November 15, 2008


As a homeschool mom, I try diligently to get the basics in all the time - reading, writing, math and Bible. Now obviously the reading covers history and science when those are the topics we are reading - but I have to admit that science on the large scale (experiments and such) fall to the wayside sometimes. So this year I was determined to make sure that we participated in our local homeschool science fair. Low and behold, this year we did it! The third time is the charm (I had every intention of doing it the past two years and something always came up. But this year by golly we did an experiment, put together a display, got to the fair (on time!) to set up and went back for the display that night. As a teacher and a mom - I felt fantastic about accomplishing that! I didn't care what they got for a ribbon (or IF they got a ribbon!), what anyone else did or if anyone gave two hoots about ours or not - we finished! The ultimate prize for me was the photo of the kids in front of the project - that is what mattered. I feel like I can conquer the rest of the school year now, by golly! Chloe and Stephen started the project with us but then left town with Grandma and Grandpa to go visit their cousins so pictured is Sarah, Philip and Paige.

By the way, the project was "What Happens To Our Bones When We Drink?" We took chicken drumsticks and soaked them in 4 different liquids for 5 days - Water, Milk, Apple Juice and Coca Cola. We made observations and displayed them. We actually brought them back home and have kept them soaking. On Monday we plan to break them open and see what the insides look like. But based on look alone - the water ones were dark, but fine; the milk ones actually looked the healthiest and felt the strongest (no big surprise); the apple juice ones were turning orange but were fine overall; the Coca Cola ones had turned almost black. Hmmm....

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