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Book of the Year 2008 Awards!

End of 2008
Cornhusker Academy
Book of the Year Winners!

****And here we have it everyone - all the winners have been revealed! Drawings start up again on Sunday (25th) and then more on Thursday (29th) and more on the following Sunday (1st). So there you have it!**** And as a reminder, if the link is still up on the left under giveaways then the contest is still open - when the link is gone the contest is closed!

I will be revealing my choice for winners in 3 different categories this year:
Most Entertaining Book of 2008
Most Life Changing Book of 2008
Most Awesome YA Book of 2008
There will be an honorable mention and 8 places given out in each category and they were chosen out of the 220 books I read over this year. They were not necessarily published in 2008 although most of them were.

I will be revealing the winners 1 or 2 a day between Christmas Day and when I am finished, some of it will depend on when I get the interview questions back from the authors.

There are some awesome interviews coming up and some amazing giveaways as well, check back daily. I will add the links to the interviews/reviews here as they are revealed!
Thanks for stopping by and please leave your comments to win on the individual posts...
Most Entertaining Books of 2008
1. "The Restorer's Son" & "Restorer's Journey" by Sharon Hinck
2. "A Passion Most Pure" & "A Passion Redeemed" by Julie Lessman
3. "Shadow of Colossus" by TL Higley
4."Only Uni" & "Single Sashimi" by Camy Tang
5. "Sweet Caroline" & "Love Starts With Elle" by Rachel Hauck
6. "Amber Morn" by Brandilyn Collins
7. "Murder, Mayhem & a Fine Man" & "Death, Deceit & some Smooth Jazz"
by Claudia Mair Burney
8. "Before The Season Ends" by Linore Rose Burkard (winner - Lora L.)
H.M. - "Sandhill Dreams" & "Captive Dreams" by Cara Putman (winners - Karen P. & reborn butterfly)

Most Life Changing Books of 2008
1. "The Shack" by William P. Young
2. "So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore?" by Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman
3. "The Listener" by Terri Blackstock
4. "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris
5. "John 3:16" by Nancy Moser
6. "Heavenly Places" by Kimberly Cash Tate
7. "Havah" - the story of Eve" by Tosca Lee
8. "Every Good & Perfect Gift" by Sharon K. Souza (winner - Valorie)
H.M. "Bringing Home The Prodigals" by Rob Parsons

Most Awesome YA Books of 2008
1. "Finding Hollywood Nobody", "Romancing Hollywood Nobody" & "Goodbye Hollywood Nobody" by Lisa Samson
2. "Dreamhouse Kings Series" by Robert Liparulo (House of Dark Shadows, Watcher in the Woods)
3. "Sweet Seasons Series" by Debbie Viguie (Summer of Cotton Candy, Fall of Candy Corn, Winter of Candy Cane)
4. "DragonLight" (Dragon Keeper Chronicles Series) by Donita Paul
5. "Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione" by Chuck Black
6. "The Book of Names" by D. Barkley Briggs
7. "Where Would Cows Hide" by D.C. Stewart
Special Addition - "All About Us" series by Shelley Adina
8. "Runaway" by Dandi Daley Mackall
H.M. "Sydney Claire" and "Mesi" by Pam Davis

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