Monday, August 31, 2009

"Surrender All" Book Review

"Surrender All"
Joni Lamb

Your answer to living with peace, power and purpose

Sometimes it seems like it is difficult to find genuine people in the public eye. In Joni Lamb's book she talks about what she and her husband Marcus went through to bring the vision God gave them of Daystar Television Network to life. She tells of stepping out in faith and almost falling, of the trials and tribulations of the attacks of the enemy. The embarrassment of having the Dept of Revenue seize the equity of their home when they had done nothing wrong, of having to put their necks on the line over and over. The amazing thing is that she never whines or complains or says "Woe is me, look what I went through!", she just tells it like it is and it is beautiful and simple. My faith was stirred up just be reading about her testimony of what God did for her and Marcus. Oh, did I mention... that is just the introduction!

Joni has a way of telling stories that are relevant and charming that really drew me into her story. She doesn't lecture at you, she sits down with you for a cup of tea and what comes out is this intimite conversation that stirs your soul and warms your heart.

Joni shows you chapter by chapter how to surrender all areas of your life, some that you are probably already struggling to surrender and some areas that you may not have even thought of turning over to God yet.

Sometimes I struggle to get through non-fiction books, slogging through points and catch phrases and rhetoric. I didn't slog through Joni's at all. What a joy to read! Highly recommended.

Published by Waterbrook Press, get yours on today!

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