Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Best of 2009 is coming...



My faithful readers of the last couple years know that I usually do the Top ? of the year and do a reveal starting around Christmas and running through January. Well, this year I was taking a bit of a break and didn't do it like I usually do. But, better late than never I am ready for the reveal and it will be a little different. The next 4 weekends I will list the Top 9 of 2009 in 4 different categories. I will link to the reviews I did of the winners and you can check them out individually there. There are a couple that have not actually been reviewed yet and so I will review them on that post. I won't have interviews, but I will still have giveaways so be sure to enter. In some cases I will be listing a series and counting it as one winner, that's not cheating, it is just creatively enhancing the list :-)

I read approximately 250 books this year so it was not easy narrowing the list down. There were a lot of really good books this year!
Watch for the first list to hit tonight!

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Cara Putman said...

I'm so glad to see this. I wondered if you were going to do it again this year.