Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Chosen Ones" Book Review

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You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today's Wild Card author is:

and the book:

Chosen Ones (Aedyn Chronicles, The)

Zondervan (April 13, 2010)

***Special thanks to ***Special thanks to Pam Mettler of ZonderKidz for sending me a review copy.***

This book is a good new YA book with a really interesting premise. A good fantasy book for a young adult to start off with in this genre. Julie and Peter are a brother and sister that are being called to a different world, to save the oppressed people there. They don't know what to do but Julie proceeds to listen to those that know the history of the world, Aedyn, so she can help them. In the meantime Peter is drawn into the web of deception spun by the 3 evil leaders. Can Julie help the people of Aedyn before Peter gives the leaders knowledge that could destroy them all?


Alister E. McGrath is one of the most respected Christian theologians of this century. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dr. McGrath currently serves as Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education, and Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture at King's College, London.

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Product Details:

List Price: $14.99
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Zondervan (April 13, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0310718120
ISBN-13: 978-0310718123


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Chosen Ones (The Aedyn Chronicles)

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I posted a short blurb about The Aedyn Chronicles at my spec fic review site, - how did you get the Browse Inside widget? That is cool! :) Lyn