Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing Chloe and Stephen...


Chloe is our 10 1/2 year old ray of sunshine. She is incredibly artistic and creative, we set up an art studio for her in a storage room because she needed a corner of the world to let her creativity spill out. What was the first thing she did? Painted the walls yellow - sunshine yellow! It was the perfect fit for her. She is all about accessories in her clothing - I think she owns over 20 hats and she wears them beautifully! Gloves and scarves are popular (and not the kind for cold weather) she also sports vests and fun shoes - definitiely our stylish child. We see things with sequins and say, "That's a Chloe outfit!" She is a middle child to be sure - she has the gift to be friends with the person 5 years older than her and 5 years younger than her. Her sister Paige is 6 1/2 and wrote in her notebook today, "Paige and Chloe are BFF" - and they are. It warms my heart. Chloe is also the one I turn to when I need something cleaned and organized - she has a knack for beautifying everything around it and she enjoys it. To top off everything else Chloe loves dancing and because she is so competitive it is important to her to be the best at whatever she does. She is the youngest on the advanced dance team but is also half the weight - so she gets to do all the tricks and flips including the human jump rope. She is our most athletic child too - she can outrun almost anyone, could she have a future in track? Maybe... we'll have to see. For now I just love having Chloe to greet me every morning. Everyone needs a Chloe in their life!

Stephen is our 8 1/2 year old dynamo. He loves video games almost as much as Philip, loves the outdoors and running, running, running. He could be very athletic, but he's built a lot like his dad (NOT a linebacker!). His brain is very mathematically inclined and when he was about 4 years old he would ask people how old they were and when their birthdays were and low and behold he would update them periodically on when their birthday was going to be and how old they would be then. It was pretty cute coming from a little guy. Stephen loves to give hugs and get them and his love language is definitely physical touch - which is good for me - he seeks me out for a good night kiss and he is the one that used to have a little game with me. If I was leaving for any reason it would go like this...

Mommy: "I love you."
Stephen: "I love you more. I like you."
Mommy: "I like you more."

I love my Stephen. He is a little fireball and he brings an exurberance into our family that would be sadly lacking otherwise.

Up next, introducing Paige and Quinn.

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What about the rest of the kids?????