Thursday, November 4, 2010

House Fire

The Blessings We Take For Granted....

Sometimes in life you are presented with a situation that makes you really grateful for what you have. It takes the focus off of your lack and puts it on your blessings. This week such a situation presented itself to me. A friend and her family had a house fire on Monday and lost pretty much everything except each other. This mom and her teen son and teen daughter went back through their house the next day and as they sifted through what was left it was kind of interesting as to what burned and what didn't. Marti (the mom) had 3 Bibles, but one had emotional significance to her because of who gave it to her and at what point in her life she got it. She lost every book she owned including the other two Bibles, but she opened a box (they had recently moved to this house and hadn't even finished unpacking yet) and the only thing in the box not blackened and burned was the Bible that meant so much to her. Jessie (the daughter) was concerned about her great-grandma's watch that had been passed down to her. She found her jewelry box blackened and burned, but opened it to find her jewelry itself perfect, including the watch. She was thrilled in spite of her tears.

This has been a lesson to me in how much we take for granted, how quickly things can be gone, how a shirt is just a shirt and a pan is just a pan, but family is what matters. I have been blessed to be a part of helping them out. But the biggest blessing has been seeing all the blessings in my own life that sometimes I just take for granted.

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