Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Winter Reunion" Book Review




(Aspen Creek Crossroads Series)


When wounded marine Devlin Sloane comes back to Aspen Creek, he's surprised by his late mother's will. His new business partner for the next six months is Beth Carrigan. His ex-wife. This might prove Dev's most difficult mission yet. He's never stopped loving the sweet bookstore owner, but his military career broke them apart. Now, as Beth and Dev work together helping others get a new start on life, Dev hopes that he can break down the walls between them. And explore the possibilities of a new life and love together.

Roxanne Rustand is known for her Love Inspired Suspense novels and she is branching out into contemporary romance with her new book "Winter Reunion". She has accomplished this feat quite well - in a world that is overflowing with contemporary romance this book stood out to me because of all the things that made it unique. Most books are boy meets girl, boy gets girl. But what happens when it is boy had girl, boy lost girl, boy must now work with girl for 6 months or lose his inheiritance. They have to put other people first as they manage the home (kind of a half way house for those needing a helping hand) his mother had started. The beauty of this book was that it wasn't cliched. I was impressed with Roxanne's first foray into Christian contemporary romance and I look forward to the next books in this series and heading back to the quaint town she has established for her readers in Aspen Creek.

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