Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Corus the Champion" Book Review


(BOOK #2)



From his frozen fortress in The Cruel North, Baron von Gulag (a.k.a. Kr’Nunos) schemes and cackles with delight. His mighty Goth army is ready to be released. Also, though his plan to take control of Karac Tor by ruining the youth did not come to full fruition, an entire generation was critically led astray. Kr’Nunos knows that without leaders, character or strength, the land will fail, and no one will be strong enough to resist him. To complete the ruin of the land, his intent is to break down the final resistance of its greatest champion, Corus, whom he stole from the Fey. But all four Barlows boys—twins Gabe and Garret crossed over at the end of Book 1—are now working hard against him, with powers beyond his ability to corrupt or control. Gabe has begun the mastery of his surprising gift of Bird Speech, revered by the Highlanders, and Garret is learning to command the wind under the tutelage of none other than Merlin of old who has long traveled between the two worlds, and who, in ages past, brought Artorius the King to Karac Tor to rest and heal after he fell in the Battle for Breton.
But it is Ewan who will face the most difficult test as he and Sorge set out to rescue Corus from the clutches of Hel. Meanwhile, ancient destinies are rising from the ash heap of history, for a Champion must serve a King and the shameful betrayal committed by Corus’s famous ancestor must be atoned for. Will the Barlows grow as brothers and learn to live heroically? Maybe...if they can stay alive!


I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Book Of Names. It was in my Top 10 list for the year it came out. Somehow I missed getting this second book so when the chance for the third book came out I took it and went back and bought book two so I could read them in order. I'm so glad I did. This series is in the lines of Lord of the Rings as far as the epic feel goes for this tale of 4 brothers from earth crossing over to a different dimension and becoming legends in a fight between good and evil. Book two is an excellent continuation of the first book and each character is really brought to a new place of growth throughout the course of the book. As is the case in stories like this - there is a big cliffhanger and I was so glad I had book three sitting there ready to read! This whole series is a set to save.

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