Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Katie's Choice" Promo


A Novel

by Tracey Langford


Katie's Choice is a story about a winsome young woman named Katie who finds herself pregnant, and her hard-living mother, Daria, who pressures her to get an abortion. Katie meets with a nurse in an abortion clinic and speaks to a counselor at a pregnancy resource center. She decides an abortion is her best choice. Katie attempts to move on with her life, start a career, and finds herself falling in love with a Christian man. But her past continues to haunt her.

She thought she had chosen freedom and a future; but shame and regret haunt her and keep her inner life a closed book even to the man she loves. Love, truth and grace pursue Katie, though, until her defenses finally crumble. This moving tale of redemption chronicles an emotional journey out of self-loathing and spiritual denial into hope and life-changing love.

Debut novelist Tracey Langford was strongly encouraged to "reduce" her own pregnancy. She declined, and now is the proud homeschooling mother of quadruplets. As part of her research, Tracey sat in mock interviews with counselors at pregnancy centers, role-playing the part of a troubled pregnant girl.


"I was blown away. It was one of those books where I found myself at 2 a.m. still reading, having to force myself to go to sleep. Tracey Langford truly did her homework regarding the pain abortion leaves behind. She described my past perfectly, as well as the pasts of 90% of the women who come through our doors. This book gives hope to those of us who have survived this dreadful choice."

~ Sheila Harper, SaveOne, President & Founder

"Katie's background and circumstances, from beginning to end, represent the clients we see every day. The book moved me to tears and I couldn't put it down."

~ Jan Monski, Sav-A-Life East, Inc., Director

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Trade Paperback

436 pgs


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Author Bio:

Tracey Langford lives with her husband, Jon, and their four children in Alabama. Their children are quadruplets - two boys and two girls - and homeschooling them is keeping Tracey busy these days. Ideas for future novels are brewing, though. In the future she will no doubt tackle other "dark" subjects with engrossing, hope-filled fiction.

Tracey has been a high school English teacher and a youth worker.

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