Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Okay moms - it's that time of year - some say the hardest time of year! The holidays are over and we have to get our kids (and ourselves) geared up and raring to learn again... have you started yet? I got us going last Thursday, then us course Friday was a total bust - isn't that how it always goes?!? So we did some school on Saturday instead to make up for it. But this week is going pretty well so far. I've discovered that my kids are actually pretty ready to go when I say "Get to the table!" It's up to me to get everything rolling each day though and I have to admit that it is tougher for me right now than usual. I've noticed that with this 6th pregnancy I am getting tired way more easily than I ever was in the other 5 pregnancies. So by early afternoon I am ready for a nap!

This isn't usually a problem except for Mon, Tues and Thurs when I have to teach dance classes from 4-9. If I don't get a nap before classes start then by 6:00 I am almost wiped out! If anyone has tips on things to do to get you through when you don't get that nap you so desperately need - please let me know what they are!

I just want to encourage all you moms in not letting January get you down but rather to use the beginning of 2008 to help you ramp up for a great year of school!

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Cara Putman said...

I think it's the fact we're both over 30 now. Sigh. Cause I've noticed the exhaustion with this pregnancy, too. I look at all I did while pregnant with Abigail and have to laugh. I'd be flat on my back now. Oh well, back to editing. :-)