Tuesday, January 1, 2008

7th MOST LIFE CHANGING BOOK of 2007 is...

"TEACHING TRUE LOVE TO A SEX-AT-13 GENERATION" (The Ultimate Guide For Parents)

If you are a parent or grandparent (or you know anyone who is) then you need to run out and buy this book right now! If there are children in your life that you have ANY influence over at all then you need the information that is in this book. Eric and Leslie are a married couple that God has blessed with an amazing ministry to youth. They are filling a gap that is badly needed in todays society - "If you will love God first and foremost with all your heart, then He will bring the person He has chosen for you to you and give you a blessed love." They have written many books and while I have read almost all of them, I've never been disappointed. Leslie wrote "Authentic Beauty (the shaping of a set-apart young woman)" for young women and Eric wrote "God's Gift To Women (Discovering the Lost Art of Masculinity)" for young men. And when I say young I mean age 13 until they are married. They have also written "When God Writes Your Love Story" and "When Dreams Come True" both based on their own personal story of how when they each individually loved and honored God first - He brought them together. It's a beautiful and inspiring story. Based on what I've read from them I have changed the way I am raising my children in respect to dating and courting and marriage. My 9 year old son was watching a tv show with the other kids and I a couple of months ago and when dating came up on the tv show he sat up and said, "I don't have to worry about liking someone because God already knows who I'm going to marry, so I don't have to worry about it." Then he laid back down to watch tv. That simple statement made my mother's heart so happy! He already knows its in God's hands - what more can I ask for. This book is impacting my families lives and I wanted to share it with all of you. Here's the blip from the back of the book:

Parents, get ready for a shocking look inside the secret sex lives of today's Christian teens... Despite promise rings, abstinence commitments, and youth group purity pep talks, many of today's Christian kids are living double lives of secual experimentation and compromise while moms and dads blithely assume all is well. It's not. From their unique "insider perspective," Eric and Leslie Ludy, best-selling authors of "When God Writes Your Love Story," prove that it's not enough to merely tell kids to "wait". We must give them a vision of something worth waiting for. The Ludy's teach parents how to impart to their teens and preteens a whole new pattern for relational success... a pattern designed by the Author of romance Himself. This poignant and practical book equips parents to:
  • Motivate their kids to pursue something better than the culture's version of love
  • Prepare their kids even now for a romance that will last a lifetime
  • Provide their kids with a training ground for future marriage success
Wake up to what's really going on in the lives of kids today, and learn how to let God write the love story of your children's lives. Your family will never be the same.

And just in case that isn't enough to pique your interest - here's the beginning of the first chapter from Leslie's point of view...

  • I was ten years old when I became the target of graphic sexual jokes on the playground.
  • I was eleven years old when I started being touched and grabbed sexually in the halls at school.
  • I was twelve when some of my peers began experimenting with oral sex and invited me to join.
  • I was thirteen when I had my first opportunity to lose my virginity - to a fifteen-year-old boy I had known for two days.
  • I was fourteen when my friends began swapping sex stories at slumber parties - jovially comparing the size and stamina of their boyfriends' sexual organs.
  • And I was fifteen when I gave myself emotionally and physically to the first of several boys who used me for their own selfish pleasure and then mercilessly broke my heart.
No, I did not come from a broken home or rough neighborhood. I lived in a quiet suburb and was raised in a strong Christian household. I met most of my friends in Christian environments. My parents were loving, attentive, and supportive. They modeled a healthy marriage and taught me about purity from a young age.

So what went wrong? Why wasn't I sheltered from such intense sexual perversion in my early years? And with my solid Christian upbringing, why didn't I make better choices?
Was I just an oddity, an exception to the idea that kids with Christian backgrounds can usually avoid the kind of sexual pitfalls I succumbed to? Or is my story more common than many Christian parents realize?

The answer may startle you.

I was not able to interview Leslie, but I will still be doing a giveaway for their book "When Dreams Come True". This book will give both parents and young people a vision for how God wants your romance and love story to be when done His way. Its very inspiring and beautiful. To get any of the Ludy's books check out their websites -

You can order their books there or at www.cbd.com or www.amazon.com

Leave a comment for a chance to win "When Dreams Come True" and go buy "Teaching True Love" soon - you will never regret it!


Pamela J said...

I was protected from this stuff when I grew up because I had no friends. Now, I consider that curse a blessing in disguise. I can see the teens nowdays learning young to flaunt their 'stuff' because that is how their parents and even grandparents are raising them. How could it ever turn around?
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Stacey said...

Please put me in the drawing. I think I need a bit of education in this area to protect my two teenage girls.


hippmom said...

My daughter turned 11 years old yesterday. I will definetly be reading this book.

angelahipp (at) charter (dot) net

Donna Moore said...

Wow! I pray over my children nightly even thought they are young. my oldest is 11. I pray that they will meet a God fearing mate. Please enter me in this contest.

Anonymous said...

My daughter turns 10 very soon and this scares me! This book sounds like a great resource.

Pioneerheart from PBS

swimtchr said...

I have a 14 year old son and I would like to read both of these! The things he is exposed to scares me and I pray that he will make good decisions. rboatman@cox.net

windycindy said...

I am the mom of two teenage sons! Need I say more?! Thanks,Cindi

Debby said...

Wow, this book sounds really powerful.