Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Boomtown" Book Review

I had the opportunity to read one of the most unusual books ever. I just had to share with all of you!
"Boomtown Book One, Chang's Famous Fireworks Factory
- Stay Away From The Chickens"
by Nowen N. Particular

I don't know if you caught the author's name or not, but the whole book is like that, full of jokes and puns interwoven into this amazingly unusual storyline. For instance, the pastor's family moves into town and are getting introduced to different people in town. See if you can catch two funny parts about this : "We were introduced to the town sheriff, Burton Ernie, and his charming wife, Laverne. We met Vera DeFazio, the song leader for that morning," ... Did you catch it? You have to read it out loud and think of Sesame Street to get one and then skip a couple words in between and think about an old comedy about 2 best friends to get the other one. I figure the book is packed with a bunch of stuff like this and I only caught some of it. That part just tickled my funnybone.

The storyline had me laughing out loud. Here is a town where the worse things go for the straight laced pastor and his family, the more the town loves him. The high school football team (40 year losing streak and the mascot - Stickville Slugs) is a riot, the fireworks factory blows up the day the pastor arrives in town (thanks to his kids), the 24 previous pastors at his new church have all met untimely demises and now Pastor Arthur Button is scared to death that he is next! Bicycle Slushathons, Exploding Elves, Rocket Reindeer, Baseball Bazookas, Hen Grenades and flying barber chairs and a mystery that ties it all together... this book is packed from page 1 to the end. I had a blast with it and look forward to the next one. I think this would make a good read aloud for the family or tweens and teens would have a blast with it too. If you like the unusual - pick this one up on amazon.com!

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