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Girls 'N Grace

This Christmas, Give Your Daughter the Gift of Grace

Author Pam Davis captivates young readers with new stories from two favorite characters

Pam Davis has done a wonderful thing with this series for girls. She is filling a niche that American Girl has the corner on at the moment, but with quality like this, that may not be for long. My girls will probably be getting these dolls for their birthdays - that is how beautiful I think they are. And the books are not only wonderful stories filled with great lessons for my girls, but they are full of history as well. What perfect presents for anytime of year!

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX—In the short time since Texas mom Pam Davis first envisioned the Girls ’n Grace product line, her passion for redeeming “playtime” has begun to spread like a wildfire. Building on the momentum of a resoundingly successful debut earlier this year, Girls ’n Grace is pleased to announce two new installments in the sagas of the line’s popular characters, Sydney Clair and Mesi. These new books, Sydney Claire: A Girl ’n Grace in the 1960’s and Mesi’s Season of Change: A Friendship Story are available just in time for parents who want to tuck something extra special under the tree this Christmas.

“For Christians, the Christmas season is all about celebrating God’s greatest gift of grace. This grace is the central message that inspired the formation of the entire Girls ’n Grace product line—everything from the books to the companion dolls to the interactive website,” says Davis. “When girls can role-play the stories with their very own Sydney Clair or Mesi doll, the seeds of grace are planted in their tender hearts. Those squeals of delight on that every parent loves to hear on Christmas morning will signal the start of countless hours of grace-filled playtime. This is such a great opportunity for parents who want to give their daughters a truly meaningful gift.”

The book series follows the lives of several fictional young female characters as all facets of their lives, from their friendships to their goals, are affected by their walks with Jesus. Spanning contemporary history as well as the globe, the characters—and the readers along with them—will learn to depend on God’s grace, especially when their decisions to honor or trust Him are difficult ones. Through the Mesi stories, Davis gives girls an intriguing glimpse of everyday life in an African village, and there are more international characters in the works. Of particular note are Davis’ frank depictions of the protests and prejudices of the civil rights movement, an era that has traditionally been left relatively unexplored in Christian children’s fiction. These books will thoroughly engage young readers and provide the perfect opportunity for moms and daughters to engage in the kind of meaningful conversations that have eternal implications.

Sydney Claire: A Girl ’n Grace in the 1960s follows the story of Sydney Claire Wilcox, an industrious 10-year-old living in the midst of the historic women’s liberation, civil rights, and environmental movements. When she finds herself feeling lonely in the summer of 1965, she determines to do something about it. With her best friends, Vicky and Ann, Sydney Claire sets off on a series of money-making enterprises in order to purchase her heart’s desire: Trouble, a fun-loving Golden Retriever. When Trouble lives up to his name, Sydney Claire learns an important lesson about grace.

In Mesi’s Season of Change: A Friendship Story, a feud breaks out between Mesi’s Ashanti tribe and their neighbors, the Kienese. As tensions mount, Mesi (pronounced Maycee) discovers a friendship she must keep secret. But she must decide what cost she is willing to pay in order to keep the secret—and protect her friend. Will she lose her best friend Kwasi? Anger her family? Or even bring destruction to her entire village? Join Mesi as she discovers how the treasure of God’s grace can transform everything.

Each doll from the Girls ’n Grace line comes with a mini Bible and a secret address code that acts as a key to a special online virtual world on the interactive website ( The site includes links for moms, mother/daughter Bible studies, games, a book club, and information about the line of dolls.

Sydney Claire: A Girl ’n Grace in the 1960s and Mesi’s Season of Change: A Friendship by Pam Davis

Authentic Publishing November 2008

ISBN 13: 978-1-934-068-78-6/80 pages/softcover/$7.99
ISBN 13: 978-1-934068-79-3/80 pages/softcover/$7.99

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