Monday, April 27, 2009

"The Noticer" Book Review

"The Noticer"
Andy Andrews
A moving story of common wisdom from the bestselling author of The Traveler’s Gift.

Orange Beach, Alabama is a simple town filled with simple people. But they all have their share of problems – marriages teetering on the brink of divorce, young adults giving up on life, business people on the verge of bankruptcy, and many of the other obstacles that life seems to dish out to the masses.

Fortunately, when things look the darkest – a mysterious old man named Jones has a miraculous way of showing up. Communicating what he calls “a little perspective,” Jones explains that he has been given a gift of noticing things that others miss. In his simple interactions, Jones speaks to that part in everyone that is yearning to understand why things happen and what they can do about it.

Based on a remarkable true story, The Noticer beautifully blends fiction, allegory, and inspiration.

I was so excited to read this book since I have read Andy's book "The Traveler's Gift" and absolutely loved it. It was so unique that I wasn't sure he could meet my high expectations. My goodness, Andy did it... he has written another life changing book. What I love about this book is that he brings together a lot of common sense wisdom and rolls it into one easy to read and enjoyable book. It reads like a fiction book but is a mix of a true story, fiction, allegory and inspiration. The Noticer is brilliant in its simplicity. The story of one man, Jones, that makes a difference in many people's lives. The way that comes across to us is that in one chapter he helps a couple on the verge of divorce by helping them see how they love each other but haven't been expressing it in ways the other one can understand. Another chapter is Jones meeting with some young adults that want to know what they can do now to help ensure that when they get married, they don't end up in a divorce. That chapter alone is worth the entire price of the book - brilliant! I loved this book and will be giving it for gifts and recommending it to my friends and family. Every once in awhile a book comes along that will make you think and want to change how you live... The Noticer is that kind of book!