Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flu Shots - Help or Hazard?

Is the flu shot worth it?

I am not an advocate of vaccinations. In my opinion the risk isn't worth it for the most part. I am not a fan of needles so I personally avoid anything that might require using one if at all possible. When people talk about the flu shot, I grimace and think, I'd rather be sick for a couple days than have a shot. I don't like the idea of putting a live virus into my body and hoping that it will protect me. Some people get the shot and get the flu anyway. Of course there are lots of different strains of the flu and the shot only works on one strain so you are still vulnerable to all the others.

Here is an instance of exactly why I avoid this stuff... sure, it may be in "rare cases", but if one of my kids is one of those "rare cases" is it worth it. Absolutely not.


Anonymous said...

I knew nothing about vaccines when I had my first son vaccinated. I did only what the doctor suggested. Within a short while after he got the chicken pox vaccine, I found out about the aborted babies being used in it. I was sickened. I looked into the others and most of them now contain the same thing. Each child got fewer and fewer vaccines with my youngest being vaccine free.

So much for the chicken pox vaccine working though, he caught the chicken pox this summer. How? I have no idea. It doesn't matter. Now I know he is truly immune to it. The others caught it from other children at church early 2008.


Janna said...

Thank you, Kim for your comment. I was the same way, my older two children were getting the vaccines every time my pediatrician said jump, I asked how high. Then my 2nd was in for his 6 or 9 month vaccines and they told me that my oldest needed to get the same vaccination. I said she already had it and they told me that they determined they had given it to her too early and they needed to give it again. I was shocked and said, "So basically the whole time I've been trusting that you knew what was best for my children and you don't really have a clue?" That was our last visit. I now have 6 children and we go to the doctor... when they are sick. I have just about the healthiest children you've ever met and I believe it is because of the lack of time we spend at the doctor's office.

Anonymous said...

I have come to trust the gov't less and less about things like this. They are pushing all sorts of chemicals into the wee bodies, and say it is all safe. :S

One mom here had an incident. Her oldest son fell off his bike and landed on a rusty something (I cannot remember if a nail, or what). She took him to the ER and prepared him for getting a tetanus shot, as he never was vaccinated. The nurse noticed on his chart he never had a vaccine, so she gave him a DPT without asking permission. Needless to say, this mother was not happy.