Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"The Christmas Dog" Book Review and Preview

To read the beginning of this book just click on the link below. And a special thanks to Donna from Baker Publishing Group for a review copy of this book!

The Christmas Dog

It's Christmas time at Betty Kowalski's house but you wouldn't really know it by the attitudes permeating the neighborhood. Betty has a new neighbor that is destroying one of the original homes on her block and he is rude and annoying and she is ready to put her beloved home on the market and get out of the neighborhood, but she'll wait til after Christmas.

Christmas is going to be lonely this year, or is it? Betty's granddaughter Avery shows up on her doorstep after a falling out with her mom and while Betty is glad to have her around again, it puts her in a tough spot between Avery and her mom. In the meantime her neighbor's scruffy dog keeps showing up on Betty's doorstep and Avery wants to keep it because it looks like it is being neglected. Can this little dog bring everyone together for Christmas or tear everyone apart?

The Christmas Dog is a heartwarming story that will remind you of what is important at Christmas this year.

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