Monday, December 14, 2009

Glo Bible Giveaway on Woven By Words...

glo: The Bible for the Digital World

glo brings the Bible to life with HD video and documentaries, high-resolution images, historical animations, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours and much more. And it’s all easy to find and natural to use with glo’s unique browsing lenses. Find what you need when you need it. That’s Glo.

How It Works

glo’s unique zoomable interface provides simple, intuitive ways to visually browse a world of biblical content through 5 main lenses. You can visually browse all the content in terms of how it relates to biblical passages, to the geography of the Holy Land, to the biblical timeline or to topics that are relevant to you. You can use these lenses to filter content. Say you want to see what Jesus had to say on the subject of redemption during the Passion Week in Jerusalem. What would be an otherwise impossible search can be done quickly, visually and intuitively with glo.

The Five Lenses

*Bible: Within 2 clicks, find a chapter faster than a paper Bible. The Bible is easy to navigate in its natural order and easy to read in a magazine format.

*Atlas: Major stories and locations of the Bible appear geographically with a zoomable, Google-maps style interface along with map overlays, tours, photos and expert video.

*Media: Browse a huge collection of HD video, virtual tours, articles, high-resolution photos, artwork, maps, historical animations. The video library includes the "In His Shoes" HD interactive documentary, that has stunning on-location footage and expert insight from Norman Geisler, Max Lucado, William P. Young, Dr. Joel Hunter and other scholars.

*Timeline: View where events happened chronologically and in context with one another through a zoomable interface.

*Topical: Relevant verses for thousands of subjects are searchable by keyword and include commentary from leading authors, scholars and other experts.

The Numbers

2,382 High Resolution Photos

7,500 Encyclopedia Articles

463 Virtual Reality Tours

3.5 Hours of HD Video

689 Works of Art

147 Maps


Mimi at Woven by Words is having a giveaway that ends tonight at 10 pm. She has 5 copies of the Glo Bible to giveaway and I have to say it looks amazing! Check it out here...

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