Thursday, December 3, 2009

"The Unfinished Gift" Book Review

What can Christmas be for a little boy who's dad is a pilot overseas in WWII and who's mom just died in a car accident. He is left with no one, but a social worker who is more sympathetic to Patrick's case than she should be. Miss Townsend is a little concerned that the only relative Patrick has to stay with is his grandpa, Ian Collins. He does not seem to have any concern for Patrick or the fact that his own son is fighting overseas. Patrick in the meantime is lonely and depressed and the only bright spot he has seen so far is the wooden soldier in the attic. His Christmas would be much merrier if Grandpa Ian would only let Patrick have the wooden soldier, but he refuses.

When Patrick becomes so isolated he can't stand it, he runs away, in the middle of a blizzard. Ian receives his wake-up call and wants to change, but is it too late?

For a WWII Christmas story that will touch your heart, read The Unfinished Gift this holiday season.

******Special thanks to Donna Hausler from Baker Publishing Group for a review copy of this book******

For a special preview of this book read the excerpt below...

The Unfinished Gift

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Dan Walsh said...

Thanks Janna for the nice review. Hope you and that big family of yours have a wonderful Christmas this year.

Dan Walsh