Thursday, December 16, 2010

Introducing Paige and Quinn...


I have introduced you to my oldest kids - Sarah and Philip and I've introduced you to my middle kids - Chloe and Stephen. Now it's time to introduce my younger kids - Paige and Quinn.

At age 6, Paige is my baby girl and while she still likes to cuddle sometimes and enjoys "Mommy/Paigie" time she is NOT my "girlie girl". Pink is her favorite color but she prefers to wear it with no frills, ruffles or lace. Give her jeans and t-shirts anyday and if they happen to match her big sister Chloe's clothes then she is even happier! I have to beg her to wear dresses and I have finally realized that if she says she's not going to wear it, it doesn't matter how cute I think it is... she really isn't going to wear it so I won't buy it. Paige has a smile that lights up a room and she is just a tiny, petite, little thing. People mistake her for being younger, but it doesn't bother her. She just smiles her little smile and says, "Thank you." She enjoys dance and following in her sister's footsteps or dance steps. She is already starting to do some of the trick flips and lifts that Chloe typically does. Paige has a few friends she likes to play with but there is no doubt that Chloe is her best friend. And God knew she would make a fantastic big sister because when she was four God blessed us with Quinn and then this year Colin came along and Paige is always there to help with them when needed. Quinn is already following in her footsteps.

Quinn defines "spark plug" in our family and he is the most "2" of all the 2 year olds we've had. Our lives would definitely NOT be the same without him. He is the first child that I was pregnant with while teaching dance and I can tell. I taught dance the entire 10 months (43 weeks) that I was pregnant and all you have to do is turn on the stereo and it becomes obvious. His rhythm and movements are incredible and he learns the choreography that his older brothers do. His favorite dance this fall was "Jingle, Jingle" that the older boys did with Chloe's class and every week Quinn would come over and "practice" with them. The boys wanted him to perform with them and I said, "No, if he performs with you then no one will watch you, they won't be able to stop watching Quinn." And it's the truth. He has an infectious smile, the biggest brown eyes you've ever seen and a sense of humor that keeps our entire family in stitches. He is his Grandpa Tom's boy and they are quite the duo. But when it comes right down to it, he is very serious about his dancing. A few of his other favorite things include "playing guitar" and having others play Guitar Hero while he "plays" along. He is definitely our most musically inclined child.

Next up is our baby boy, our miracle baby, Colin...

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