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6th MOST ENTERTAINING BOOK of 2007 is...


Pirates, damsels in distress, swashbuckling, sword fighting, mutiny, search for a lost father, shipwrecked on a deserted island and oh yes, the head pirate is a newly born again Christian... hmm - who wouldn't love this book! Talk about unique - this book fits the bill and it will keep you turning the pages as you sit on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next. All I can say is if you like the whole pirate era - this is an absolute MUST read! There are two follow ups as well - "The Reliance" and "The Restitution" - these are both on my list of must read next books, I can't wait to delve back into this world with MaryLu Tyndall and all of her characters and settings. Now let's meet ML Tyndall...

1) Sometimes people think of authors as being bigger than life and not "real", so I thought we would start off with a very important question, one that will show people just how real you are! "What dessert can you not resist when it is time to indulge?"

Great question! I would have to say brownies! Warm double chocolate brownies with nuts and real whipped cream on top! Yum. . .excuse me, I’m drooling

2) Redemption is such a unique book - pirates, shipwreck, the Caribbean, sword fights, lady in distress - the whole gamut, but with the lead pirate being a relatively new Christian - his new faith complicating his pirate background... what led you to start this series?

I’ve always been fascinated by pirates. As a young girl growing up on the beaches in South Florida, I dreamt of pirates and sea-faring adventures. But I believe the thing that really got me thinking about writing a pirate series was the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie that came out in the summer of 2003. Writer’s usually start out their new ideas with a “What if?” question, so I began to wonder: What if there was a pirate who was also a Christian? And what if he was a new Christian with a really evil past? And the story took off from there.

3) As a child were you captivated by pirates or is that a newer fascination for you?

Complete obsessed from birth, yes! Guilty as charged! I don’t think it was so much the pirates themselves that attracted me, because I know most of them weren’t very nice people. I think I was more fascinated by the type of person who chose to live outside the box of society, the adventurer, the risk-taker, the person who took life by the horns and wrestled with it and won. And doing all that on one of those gorgeous tall ships sailing the tempestuous seas just made it all the more romantic.

This may seem obvious due to the title, but a central theme in this book is Redemption from your past, your mistakes, your wrongs and the wrongs done to you - was there a reason this was so strong on your heart when you wrote the book?

Yes. This book is very dear to my heart because the journey of the heroine, Charlisse, mirrors my own journey. I too grew up without a father, suffered tremendous rejections, and set out on my own quest to find “true love”. Consequently, I spent many years wandering from God and searching for that elusive security that is only found in His arms. Only after many years of misery and failure, did I come to my senses like the prodigal in the pig sty and turn my eyes toward heaven. My purpose in writing this story was to show that only in God do we find true love, security, value, purpose and meaning, which is really all anybody really wants from life.

5) I feel a certain bond with you because you have 6 children and my 6th is on the way - do you ever use your family as inspiration for your writing?

Inspiration? My family? Humm. I would say they tend to disturb my inspiration more than anything! But seriously, I adore them all and wouldn’t know what to do without them. They fill my life with such joy and meaning. I suppose being a parent with all its ups and downs has helped me understand human nature more deeply, understand what real love is—and real fear. There’s not a time when one of my kids walks out my front door on their way to school or work or a party, that I am not on my knees in prayer for God to watch over them. I think being a mother gives us just a glimpse of what God’s unconditional love is like. And big congratulations on your baby on the way!!

6) How many books total are in the "Legacy of the King's Pirates series?

There are 3 books in the series. The Redemption, The Reliance, and The Restitution. The name of each book is also the theme of the story as well as the name of the pirate ship in the story. Book 2, The Reliance, continues with the story of the hero and heroine in the first book. The Restitution is the story of the villain in the first two books and one of the lady characters from book 2. They are all similar in that they are all romantic adventure stories set in the Caribbean, but each one is uniquely different in both the theme, the story, and the characters.

7) What projects are you working on for after the "Legacy of the King's Pirates" series is wrapped up?

I have just completed a Regency Romance Adventure set in London in 1803. It is entitled, The Falcon and the Sparrow. It follows the story of a young girl who is being forced to spy on England for France because Napoleon is holding her brother hostage.

And I’ve just started working on another 3-book series set in Charleston, SC in 1718. The entire series follows the lives of 3 sisters, each of whom represent one of the 3 seeds Jesus spoke about in the parable of the sower in Matthew 13.

Thank you so much for being with us today, MaryLu! I hope people reading this will discover your books and enjoy them as much as I am enjoying them. How can readers get ahold of you?

Thanks so much, Janna, for having me on your blog! I’m thrilled to be here.

Yes, I have a really cool website that shoots cannons at you! There’s more about me, my books, and lots of cool links on there. I also have a blog that I try and post on at least 3 times a week. And a newsletter you can sign up for, all located at

Here’s a link to Amazon where The Redemption can be purchased:

Readers - MaryLu has agreed to give away a copy of The Redemption and you don't want to miss out on that - leave a comment with a way for me to get a hold of you in case you are the blessed winner!


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