Saturday, September 27, 2008

Highlights of ACFW...

Okay, getting to meet some of my favorite authors is obviously a huge highlight from being at the ACFW conference last week. I'm still sorting everything out in my head, but I had to show you a couple of my favorite authors.

I am still adamant that Julie Lessman has written the "Little Woman" for our decade when she wrote "A Passion Most Pure" and "A Passion Redeemed" is an excellent follow-up. She and I corresponded quite a bit over email after I read "A Passion Most Pure" and we really hit it off so I was excited about getting to meet Julie at ACFW. It was kind of funny how we ended up running into each other. She came into the bookstore and I heard her ask someone a question, I went over to see if I could answer her question for her and as she repeated her question we both glanced down at each other's name tags and then simultaneously we yelled out, "Julie!" and "Janna!" and gave each other a hug. It was hilarious to those around us looking at us like we were crazy :-) But that is okay with me. Julie is just as sweet and funny in person as I thought she would be... a total doll! She was a definite highlight...

Here is Julie with Cara and I at the awards banquet on Saturday night.

Another highlight in a very sweet way was getting to meet Rachel Hauck. I enjoyed her books "Diva Nash Vegas" and "Lost in Nash Vegas" and then just loved her books "Sweet Caroline" and "Love Starts With Elle" so she was on my wish list of authors to meet. I had done an interview with her before and so we had emailed back and forth some, but I never expected what actually happened. I had not made it into any of the general sessions when I finally snuck into the back and stood along a wall and this lovely lady walks up to me and introduces herself with a hug - it was Rachel and she sought me out! I really shouldn't be surprised, she is gracious and sweet and has a knack for making other people feel important. Did I mention that she leads the praise and worship at conference and that Sunday morning worship was awesome and amazing?!?

Here is a picture of us Sunday morning before we packed up and left. I feel blessed to have made a connection with Rachel and look forward to more opportunities to visit with her.

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bigguysmama said...

Janna, what an exciting time you had! Thanks for sharing your pics. So cool about Rachel.

Say, I was tagged by M. C. Pearson from FIRST. She's blog tagging so I had to find 6 people to tag. If you want to do it, head to my blog and get the rules.

Have a great weekend.

In Christ,
Mimi B