Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip with an infant - any ideas?

Okay everyone, I'm leaving tomorrow night to go up to Minneapolis for the ACFW conference. I'm obviously taking Quinn with me as he needs his Mommy at this point - can you believe that he is 3 months old on Wednesday!!! I am also taking my 12 year old, Sarah, so that she can help with Quinn when I'm busy and my mom is going along to take care of my sister's baby girl, Rebecca. It's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm really excited about the whole thing, but here is my question... anyone have any good ideas for a 10 hour trip in the car with an infant? We made the trip to Indiana at the beginning of August, but he was still awful little then. Now he's getting big enough that I'm not sure how he is going to be with the whole sitting in the car seat for long periods of time thing. We did decide to leave Tuesday night so hopefully he will sleep for most of it, but on Sunday coming back we'll leave at around 3:00 pm to come back. So anyway, all tips and hints will be appreciated so comment away and help me out everyone... and here is a recent picture of Quinn with his Grandpa Tom (who turns 80 on Thursday).

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Pamela J said...

I'm glad you get to take Quinn, Sarah, your mom AND Rebecca. It DOES sound like a lot of fun and I'd me more relaxed with my baby by my side rather than leaving him at that age. I'm guessing Quinn is a pretty good baby so maybe all he needs is someone sitting close by to wave things in front of him to keep him interested in looking at things and a full tummy sometimes helps a wee one sleep on the road. I find milk puts my husband and I to sleep quite quickly. Maybe we are reverting back to baby-hood?
Pam Williams