Monday, October 8, 2007

I've A Secret Favorite Author!

I decided even though he's not a Christian fiction author, he's one of my favorite non-fiction Christian authors and I really wanted to share some of his books with all of you.

  • Who - Jerry Savelle
  • Why - Simple, honest, truthful and Bible based books
  • Title #1 - If Satan Can't Steal Your Joy... He Can't Keep Your Goods
  • Title #2 - If Satan Can't Steal Your Dreams... He Can't Control Your Destiny
These are shorter books (125-155 pages) but they are life changing.

Title #1 (Joy) will tell you :
  1. How God's Word produces joy
  2. Why Satan wants your joy
  3. How Satan steals your joy
  4. How to make Satan return what he has stolen (sevenfold!)
  5. How to laugh more and cry less
Title #2 (Dreams) will tell you :
  1. Satan's #1 strategy for robbing you of your dreams
  2. The tell-tale signs that indicate your faith is wavering - and what to do about it immediately
  3. The secrets of recapturing your dreams
  4. The four universal principles of bringing dreams into reality
Some of us have perfect lives, but I personally can use the information in these books often :-)
In the Joy book Jerry tells an incredible testimony about his baby girl and her fingers, and follows it up later with what happens by faith. It is amazing - check them out sometime, you won't be disappointed!

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