Thursday, October 18, 2007

Monthly Homeschool Mom's Meeting!

If you are a homeschooler... do you have a monthly mom's meeting to stay connected to each other with? We do and we have ours the 3rd Thursday of every month so it was this afternoon. I can honestly say that it was our best meeting in probably 2 years! I came away from it today feeling so refreshed, so fulfilled and so ready to tackle this next month of teaching. We had a wonderful topic and for the first time in forever we got a really active discussion going among the moms after the speaker was done. It was great to get everyone's insights on their day-to-day issues and problems (good and bad). Our topic was on "Tailoring your curriculum to your children's needs" and our speaker was Becki Wardyn. She had some fabulous points and ideas and I will be posting my notes in the next few days - so look for that. But in the meantime I just wanted to encourage those of you that sometimes decide that its too much trouble to take one afternoon a month off and go to a meeting... not only do you need to refresh and renew your own mind, there may be a mom there that is struggling with something and your experience may be the very thing she needs to hear about in order to refresh her. It's part of being a group, encouraging and sharing with each other. So don't miss your next mom's meeting!


Lisa @ Me and My House said...

Hi Janna,

Thanks for sharing your blog at the meeting. This is great!


At Jesus' feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House

Mama Bear said...

There aren't that many homeschoolers in my area, so unfortunately , we don't go to moms' meetings. I'm gla dyou have a place to go to connect with others though :)
~Mama Bear