Friday, October 12, 2007

"Why Do You Homeschool?"

Have you ever had anyone ask you, "Why do you homeschool?" And they want your answer in 10 words or less! How do you explain to someone in one sentence that -
  • God has put a call on my life to teach my children
  • My children NEED me and not a stranger being the major influence in their life
  • I see my children as individuals not as part of a classroom
  • I want to be friends with my children when they are grown, not strangers
  • I would be disobeying God's call on my life if I did not homeschool

And how do you explain all that without making them feel guilty? Like you think they should be homeschooling too. I always say that homeschooling is not perfect for everybody - but it's perfect for us!


Robin said...

The first sentence says it all.

I wandered into your blog from callapidder days and also am doing the fall reading challenge.

Robin in CA

Renae said...

That question can't be answered in one sentence. I did a series on my blog answering this question and it took me five posts! (my posts are short, and only one reason is given per post though)

My reasons overlap some with yours. I believe it is the parent's responsibility to see to their children's education whether they attend school or not. The idea of being able to give an individualized education is also important to me.

A few people who have asked me about it really wish they could home school. Others, ask with the attitude of, "your crazy." I try to answer either with grace.