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4th MOST LIFE CHANGING BOOK of 2007 is...


"Lambert's Code" is an amazing book because it is a rare romance that cuts past Prince Charming placing the glass slipper on Cinderella's foot and takes the romance to the place after the honeymoon when it's not always "happily ever after". In "Lambert's Code" Prince Charming is actually Ethan and Cinderella is actually Julie and they live in a community surrounded by other Lambert family members. Luckily for them that includes Grandma and Grandpa Lambert who have worked hard for many years to maintain a really great marriage. So when Ethan and Julie start to see marital problems developing, Grandma and Grandpa let them in on the Lambert Code they have used all these years to keep their marriage on track. The rest is up to Ethan and Julie and God.

I loved this book because it was so much more than I was expecting - when I pick up a Heartsong Presents or Love Inspired book I am usually expecting a fluffy, light Christian romance. Many of the HP and LI books have been proving me wrong lately by having great spiritual truths and nuggets placed throughout different books. But this one really blew them all away. Rachel managed to pull off a rare feat here, she wrote a great romance about two people in love that were struggling, struggling to find a way and a reason to stay together and to me the best love stories available are the ones where a marriage makes it - this book shows you one way that can happen. Real life answers to real life problems that any couple can use - I think divorce rates would drop drastically if ever married couple read this book. Now let's meet Rachel Hauck...

1) Sometimes people think of authors as being bigger than life and
not "real", so I thought we
would start off with a very important
question, one that will show people just how real you are!

"What dessert can you not resist when it is time to indulge?"

RH: Oh, I love cake. And any thing cinamon! And, let me just say,
authors are so not bigger than life. We are an insecure, weird lot
if ever there was one. But, we love, love, love readers and fans.
It's why we do what we do!

2) I picked "Lambert's Code" as one of my Top 7 Most Life Changing books of 2007.
Its a follow-up to "Lambert's Pride" which you co-wrote with Lynn A. Coleman.
Its really good too, but there is a depth to the self-destruction and then pursuit
of marriage
in Lambert's Code that really hit home for me. What made you decide
to go that direction
ith Lambert's Code?

RH: Lambert's Code was originally Lynn's story, but due to
her schedule, she gave the book
to me. So the idea of dealing
th a married couple had been determined by her, but I took
it in a new direction when the story became mine.

Lynn wanted to show how marriage only works if both are
submitted to the Lord and each other. I created the story of
barrenness and infertility. I know it can really take a toll
on a marraige.

While children are indeed a blessing and gift from God, having
them cannot be an idol. In ou
r culture we demoralize children
through abortion while idolizing them through fertility
treatments and surrogate parenting.

Like all things, even the desire for children must be submitted
to God. In scripture, when ever a woman took child bearing into
her own hands by offering her husband one of her maids, trouble ensued.

I'm not against fertility treatments. Not at all. I'm for each couple doing what God
puts on their hearts. But, I'm also aware that God can use childless couples in ways
He cannot use other families.

The goal in this book was for Ethan and Julie to find peace about their situation and
love each other as God's gift to them.

3) What made you want to write a really great handbook for marriage - did you have a
couple in your life that modeled this for you?

RH: My p
arents were a great example, but my husband also inspired me. I didn't intend
to write a handbook, but a story about
a married couple's journey. They are weak,
flawed, but through it all God's love prevails.

4) I personally used to think of alot of Heartsong Presents books
as fluffy, Christian romance.
Over the last few months my mind
has been changed positively by some of the depth and
meat I've been reading in various Heartsong Presents books.
Tell us about the lady
that got Lambert's Code but was obviously
wanting her fluffy, Christian romance...

RH: Christian romance has come a long way. Former Heartsong
editor Tracie Peterson worked hard to raise the bar for writing
and story. Hats off to her, Rebecca Germany and Barbour
ublishing for wanting excellence.

As for my disgruntled Lambert's Code reader... a woman wrote to
me how upset she was to get a handbook on "how to fix your
marriage" when she wanted to read a romance. She sent the
book back to the publisher. Funny.

But Lambert's Code is very much a romance. About two people
continuing to love each other through the hard times.

5) Recently you've started the Diva Nash Vegas series, tell us a little about this
series and how
many books total we'll have to read?
RH: There are two NashVegas books. I know the title must be confusing for some,
I'll explain. NashVegas is a nickname for Nashville. The natives know the name well.

Lost in NashVegas is about songwriter, Robin McAfee
and Diva NashVegas is about superstar, Aubrey James.

They are really great stories. When I finished Diva NashVegas I
told my editor, "I love Aubrey James!"

6) What upcoming projects are you working on?

RH: My next book, Sweet Caroline, releases in February. It's set
in the South Carolina lowcountry. I love this book because it's
about Caroline Sweeney, a woman who is trapped in the humdrum of
life. But she doesn't mind. However, God is wooing her and
calling her out of her comfort zones. It's funny and romantic.
A little more focus on romance than the NashVegas books.

Rachel, thank you so much for being with us today and sharing
some from your past about
Lambert's Code. Where can readers
find you online?

Janna, you can tell them to visit my website and

And visit Amazon for all my books.

Readers, for the 2nd time in my lists I have actually picked a book that is out
of print, but Rachel has
a couple of copies left that she is going to give away
so leave a comment if you would like to win
Lambert's Code. I also happen to
have an extra copy of Lambert's Pride and I will be drawing for
that one as well
so you have 3 chances to win. Leave a comment with a way for me to reach you
case you win - and check out for ordering Rachel's Diva Nash Vegas books!


Cara Putman said...

I haven't read Lambert's Code, but loved the Viva and Diva NashVegas. Lambert's Code sounds great! Rachel has a real talent for diving into deeper issues in a real way.

Pamela J said...

Our Assembly is small and we seem to be the ones the marital problem situations navigate to. I'm always open to information according to God to share with others that come our way. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Altered by Jenn said...
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Altered by Jenn said...

Sounds like a great book. Looks like I have some more books to add to my "to read list".Please enter me in the drawing!

Ausjenny said...

Oh Please enter me. I like this type of book and would love to read it.
thanks also for the interview. they are great to read.
ausjenny at gmail .com

Hannah said...

i'd love to win a copy of either of the lambert's books! hsmuda[at]gmail[dot]com thanks!

hippmom said...

Thanks. I typically avoid anything I think of as "romance" novels - I'll have to rethink that!

Lora Lease said...

I know we would definitely benefit from the "Lambert's Code" book right now. hint hint LOL All of them sound good, though, so definitely add me to your drawing!

Stacey said...

I adore Rachel Hauck and would love to read this. Please toss my name into the hat. Thanks.


Christina said...

This sounds like a great book. I can't ever reading a romance with a married couple. Please enter me into the drawing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...this sounds good! It's refreshing to read a romance thats not all butterflies and strawberry feilds. :o)
Pioneerheart from PBS

Anonymous said...

I have never read this author, but have heard great things-enter me in the drawing


swimtchr said...

I would love to read this book! Please enter me for a chance to win. Thanks!