Sunday, December 16, 2007

Great Christmas Idea!

If you don't quite have all your Christmas shopping done yet, I have an idea for you... one of my favorite gift idea websites is This is an awesome site that you buy cds from - for only $6.99 that includes shipping and tax! As many or as few cds as you want for $6.99 each. And we are talking your new release, hit albums and even older albums. I have a friend that buys Christmas and birthday presents for her kids through and I personally use it to buy new music cds for use at my dance studio. You just can't beat the pricing and their shipping is really fast too. When you refer other people to the site they bequeath you a free cd too. So if you go there and sign up after reading this then please enter my info as your referrer (I can always use new cds for my dance studio :-) My info is -
Name: Janna

Merry Christmas everyone!

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