Monday, December 31, 2007

6th MOST LIFE CHANGING BOOK of 2007 is...


Discovering your rights and privileges of being a son or daughter of God. That sums this book up pretty well. This is one of only 2 books out of the 14 I chose that is a non-fiction book, but even if you are normally just a fiction reader - you should really check this book out! Here's the back cover:

Ways of Royalty" reveals your true identity as a child of the King of Kings - royal heir to the eternal Kingdom of God.

Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton denounce the "pauper mentality" many Christians have and present your royal inheritance through Christ's ultimate act of redemption.

As a member of God's royal family, you can:
  • Share the King's power of grace and mercy.
  • Think and act with His authority.
  • Reveal royal qualities for future generations.
  • Promote honor and humility - with confidence.
  • Cultivate His love for one another.
The authors' personal, supernatural experiences will convince you of your own royal status and inspire you to claim your personal inheritance gift from your Father - the King of Kings.

Now let me explain why this book was life changing to me... I knew that God wanted good things for His children. I knew that God has wonderful gifts for His children. I knew that many if not most Christians (often myself included) walk around with a "pauper mentality" - nice things are for "other people", being out of debt is for "other people", having peace in my home because I don't have to worry about collectors calling is for "other people", etc... I guess what I discovered recently is that even though I "knew" I was a child of the Most High God, I felt more like I was the black sheep of His family so all those good things didn't apply to me. Our lives proved it. Oh, we scraped by, paycheck to paycheck, barely getting the bills paid, but with 5 children and my husband in a restaurant management postition (salaried of course which means all the hours but no overtime) to say that we lived below the poverty level was an understatement. Since reading this book I have realized that I am not the black sheep and God wants our family to walk in the good things He has for His children. For instance what kind of witness are we to the unsaved if we are in debt, can't pay our bills and are miserable all the time - who would want to become a Christian if they have that to look forward to! In the last 9 months, my husband left his stable but low paying job to walk in the promises of God. He started a new business that God is blessing and is getting ready to be licensed in insurance with a ground breaking company where he has the opportunity to help develop programs for them. We have the potential to easily triple what he had been making this year and all because we are ready to start walking in the promises of God instead of living in the lies of the devil.

There is an amazing revelation in chapter 1 about why God took Moses out of slavery to live in the palace when he was just a child. His entire nation was in slavery and living under the mindset of being paupers (I don't deserve better, I'm lucky to have anything at all, God doesn't want to bless me, etc...) and if Moses had been raised a slave, he would've had the same mindset. Instead he was raised in the palace as a prince with the mindset that he did deserve good things, he was worthy, he was special and so eventually he could believe that God did love Him and want to bless Moses and the people of Israel. What kind of mindset do you have?

Any book written by Bill Johnson is amazing and totally worth reading, I got his brand new book for Christmas "Face to face with God" and can't wait to read it. Though he lends his name and one or two chapters to this book, this is mainly Kris Vallottan's book. And probably one of the most worthwhile books you could read for yourself in 2008. I pray this book will open your eyes as it did mine so that you can truly see yourself as a son or daughter of the Creator of the Universe!

I was not able to get in touch with Kris and get an interview done and I don't have a copy to give away, but it is published by Destiny Image and their website is and the books can also be ordered from and their price on this $14.99 book is only $11.99 - worth every penny.


Pamela J said...

This book sounds like a great one for our Ladie's Bible Study group. We are a group of Ragamuffins who need to understand who we are in God. Thank you for sharing.
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Susan Stitch said...

It's so easy to forget we are truly children of the king (that makes me a princess!) and to act like a slave. I imagine this is a really eye-opening book. I've added it to the top of my reading list...I resolve to act like royalty this year (and NOT like a spoiled princess....)

hippmom said...

My reading list has really grown. I have enjoyed the interviews and appreciate having good books recommended to me. Thanks, Janna.


Anonymous said...

Pamela-I've read the book more than once and it would make a great group study.

Please enter my name in the drawing-I love to give books away!!


windycindy said...

Wow! This is really thought provoking! I do like non-fiction books as much or more than fiction!Thanks for reviewing and introducing this book to me! Cindi