Friday, December 14, 2007

Exciting News For The End Of The Year!

I am really excited! I put together 2 top 7 lists of 2007 and will be releasing the names of the books and authors each day between Dec 26 and Jan 1. I have had 11 of the 14 authors get back to me and agreed to do interviews and book giveaways for their winning books! It will be an exciting 7 days so be sure to stop buy each day and register to win! The 2 lists are:

"The Top 7 Most Entertaining Books of 2007 (according to Janna)"
"The Top 7 Most Life Changing Books of 2007 (according to Janna)"

The books don't have to have been released in 2007, just read by me in 2007 - good luck and be sure to come see what books made the lists!

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scaramouche9999 said...

Cool Beans! I'm looking forward to it. Love the URL for your blog. I'm Husker Red through and through. Dad was from Omaha but moved to South Dakota. I was weaned on Husker football.
God bless!
Donald James Parker